Meeting minutes 5 February, 1pm 60 Wall Street

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Attendees: Christine, Amy, Ravi, Ronny, Tasha

What we actually do right now:
– set up CiviCRM for mvt
– work with InfoHub on WG survey (James, etc.)
– help run Orientation on Saturdays and at Occupy Town Squares

So, here’s a question: are we a distinct working group? Should we merge with Outreach? We do an awful lot with them.

Who is a volunteer when the traditional division of staff and volunteer doesn’t apply?

Should we be basing this on availability? e.g. 5 hours a week vs intense involvement

Maybe better to look at it from a jobs perspective. We could fill those jobs with ANYONE.
* update from Dana re: Jobberbase

Workflows for regular tasks:

– Orientation -> funnel people towards WGs -> follow up via Civi
-> funnel people towards Jobs Board -> follow up Civi

– Project Network -> Jobs board -> InfoHub webpage/Mvt newslettter

– Canvassing Days: Wednesday PM, Saturday PM
– Liberty Sq Saturdays
– Occupy Town Square

– Civi Email -> Civi Event registration -> Check in at Orientation -> Follow-up personal/Civi Email

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