Meeting minutes 3/6/12

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Meeting Notes Tuesday 3/6/12

Attendees: Camille, Christine, Adam, Susan

I: Metrocards: Consensed that cards should be allocated to Diego, Anthony, Christine, Camille, Adam

II: Reportback on organizing records: Currently Christine and Ravi are sorting receipts by group and month, so that we can put them in order and check against money checked out to groups, and see where receipts are missing.

III: Meeting time: Going forward, lets try meeting Saturday afternoons? Conflicts on Tuesdays, Saturdays seem to be best according to the doodle. Sat at 2pm. Christine will look for a space.

IV: Bail, background checks, etc: Need to get checks done consistently by same lawyer, anybody who wants to run bail or handle money needs a background check. Paying up front- pass the hat style due to spending freeze. Bail- needs to go to as few addresses as possible.

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