Meeting Minutes 3/11/12

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OWS Med Support meeting March 11, 2012


1) Report from Maria about West Park:

Maria has an agreement from the board of the Church on 86th and Amsterdam to open the first aid/health station in their space. Details of the agreement:

  • Staffing: Health professionals working with OWS med support are invited to staff this space. Medics will not be serving here; Maria has communicated this to several medics.
  • Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-9 pm and Saturdays 12-6 pm.  The space will be closed April 5-8 for Easter.
  • Role of the Co-op:  The co-op is a group of occupiers living at the church while working on various projects for OWS.  They have agreed to man the front door and direct patients to our space while we are open.  They will also produce a flyer to be distributed in the neighborhood to publicize the services we provide.  This flyer will be approved by OWS med support before it is circulated. Steve is identified as a good point-person for information about the co-op’s activities.
  • Access: The key will be available from Danielle in the church office if nobody else who has a key is present.
  • Goals: Maria reports that the church board envisions an eventual expansion of our role and the type of services we can provide within that community.

So far, Maria has brought all the supplies from Charlotte’s place, purchased some furniture and started setting up. *Twinkle*

Actionable stuff:

  • First day of services:  Sandy, Susy and Renee will decide whether to be open on Tuesday 3/13.  If not, first day will be Thurs 3/15.
  • Supplies: It was decided to keep a list of needed NON-MEDICATION supplies on a google doc shared with the group.  All are invited to add supplies to this list, provided they are NOT MEDICATIONS.
  • Referral list:  Lih has volunteered to update the referral list.

Maria will be out of town until Thursday 3/15.  Renee will be here.


2.  Report from Chiara re: last week’s medics’ meeting.

  • As of the meeting on 3/7, the medics seemed to anticipate having ongoing access to the space at Amsterdam and 86th to restock their bags.
  • Medics report it is easy to turn on and off the celly network.  Chiara presents the possibility of joining their communications network during major actions only, but anticipates traffic would still not be composed exclusively of business.
  • Chiara reports to the group that a medic raised the question of med support sharing their budget with the medics.
  • At their meeting, one medic self-censured her group for unprofessional behavior.

Actionable stuff:

  • Med support is generally agreed to continue collaboration with medics primarily during large rallies.
  • Chiara is unable to attend their meeting this week; Sandy will try to go.
  • Med support has made no decision authorizing the group to share funds with the medics.


3. Lih reports on the upcoming May Day Action

Lih attended the meeting of Mutual Aid, a subgroup of Direct Action.  An action is proposed for May 1 that will include a general strike with provision of services outside of the market AND outside the charity/paternalism model.  They hope to have skill share stations set up throughout the city.  There will also be a march and rally that day, which is anticipated to have good participation.  Additionally, there is a movement called Bail out New Yorkers that plans to bail people out of jail on May 1.  There may be increased need for jail support that day.  Lih indicated to Mutual Aid that the size of our group is most likely not large enough to send representatives to multiple skill shares while also having a presence at the march.

Actionable stuff:

  • The group reached an informal consensus to focus on having a presence at the march rather than at the skill shares.


4. M17 action

Rev. Mary will invite us to an M17 action via the listserve.  As this is the same day as the left forum, few will be available for med support activity.  If volunteers can be rallied, we will try to have a presence at this action.

Actionable stuff:

  • Sam will reach out to the list of volunteers to see if anyone is available.
  • Sandy will try to coordinate with the medics.

5.  The group agrees not to have a formal meeting next week, as we will all be at the left forum.


6.  Budget:

Lih is next in the budget-holding rotation.  Currently Maria has half and Rev. Mary has half.  Rev. Mary indicates that the GA has told her funds will run out in approximately 4 weeks, and suggests that we expedite our supply purchases.  The current budget is approx $1000/week, so the total available to us is about $4000. It is proposed that some of the money go towards round-trip metro cards for referrals/hospital transport.  No major objections were voiced.

Actionable stuff:

  • The group empowers Maria to start a supplies list and continue to use the budget as needed to set up the space at Amsterdam and 86th.


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