Meeting Minutes 3-2-2012

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SIS Notes


In Attendance

Jose, alice, apollo, ice, katrina, Darrell, Chris, Eco, Jeff, Ronny



Votes taken for opener slots


jose 10

alice 11

apollo 10

ice 9

katrina 7

Darrell 8

Chris 4

Casper 11

jeff 7

Ronny 10


Decision tied for the last spot






Long discussion about the spots… jeff feels town planning should have acess.. darrell agrees, saying their role is site management… Jeff asks if we can make it 8 spots… we agree it is the easy way. We take views on time to open.. Casper thinks we should have grace period for opening tasks. Darrell says that there is not any opening tasks right now. Casper mentions pouring water for kitchen..


Soft open at 9, official open at 10.


Eco is leaving but wants to talk about donors

Katrina has a list of SIS donors

Casper says there are two websites SIS

Eco wants to be on a google group for SIS .. wants an SIS direct patch… Darrell says it speaks to a a larger issue of identity, also for who stuff is given out to


Closing time on the weekends 3

Closing time during the week is now offically 7

Casper is opening tommorrow until the list …

Katrina asks about the brooklyn site

Darrell says we need to schedule a large group to organize, probably over two days, and then three times a week runs.

Casper needs to deliver contact information by email and by hand, to building management

Darrell says he will look for an inventory system, and look to have the Mac G4 consensed upon in Tech Ops meeting delivered by Jordan.

Ice said he would handle back and forths from brooklyn, and maybe able to move the computer this weekend.

Katrina will develop broklyn process document for SIS

Openers of SIS take responsibility for daily tasks being accomplished or handed off

Metrocards given to:







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