Meeting Minutes 2/5/12

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OWS Medical Support Working Group

Meeting Minutes

Sunday Feb 5th at 2pm
90 John St, suite 307-308 (NESRI offices)


Laurie Wen, Steve Dossick, Lih-Fan Chang, Mary O’Brien, Maria Fehlig, Mary Caliendo, Sam Connet, Sandy Turner, Matt Anderson, Michelle Solov, Chiara Loch


  • Med Support group processes:
    • structure of meetings: stacks; time keeping; assigning tasks
    • representation at spokes councils/Gas
    • first-aid station schedule
  • Report backs
  • Feb 18-19 bridge training
  • Issues at Charlotte’s Place
  • Omar Bakri (Egyptian revolutionary) film

Med Support Group processes:

  • Meeting time/stack/tasks: Our group agreed that we need to be more disciplined in terms of time. The facilitator will take responsibility for more precise time-keeping and stack-taking
  • Representation:
    • We need to post our Mission Statement, a 3-4 sentence description of what we do, and our weekly notes, online. Lih is working with Tech Ops to coordinate this, & Matt will help.
    • Sam will take responsibility for tracking Spokes council developments generally, but it is up to the group to maintain a presence at Spokes and GA’s (thru biweekly attendance? Or as often as someone is available)
    • Deferment model vs hierarchy in Med Support: Other groups have experienced confusion re our model, esp Street Medics; now clarified: we try to ‘defer’ to expertise, not to a hierarchy based on credentials.
    • Sam has sent out (will send again to those who request it — Matt? Sandy?) follow-up on volunteer @ ows (Charlotte’s Place) registration, and link to calendar. Sam, Laurie, Maria, & Renee will continue to coordinate.

Bridge training:

  • The registration fee is $165 (for 11 hour training, rated at $15/hour). The money is to go toward transportation cost for certain trainers (of which there are a total of 7) and Medics. There was concern about the expense, and the use of funds raised; is a sliding scale available?
  • There is concern that the Bridge Training is no longer as Med Support had originally understood it would be: it is no longer a reciprocal “sharing,” but more of a one-way training. Also concern about the lack of availability of an Agenda or Schedule for the training.
  • Maria will take a proposal (which was passed by the working group) to the Street Medic Bridge Training organizers regarding Med Support member participation and payment of fees.
  • The group wants to work on how Med Support and the Medics can move back toward the “skill share” model after the Bridge Training.

Charlotte’s Place:

  • Reverend Mary is no longer with Trinity, as her contract has expired. She will continue to be involved with Med Support and coordinate with Support/Housing
  • Maria is working with the Director of Charlotte’s Place to smooth out remaining issues, though much tension has already been resolved regarding our use of the space; They are also collaborating on a ‘Code of Conduct’ for visitors and volunteers
  • Health station volunteers continue to see mostly minor first aid and psychiatric issues, notwithstanding the more severe recent GI bug
  • Mary C reports that as of today, OWS no longer pays for housing occupiers; Support and Housing working groups have basically merged, and are working on a new plan for occupiers, which may include being housed in churches in exchange for participation with specific OWS projects
  • Free clinic lists: in general, all patients should first be referred to Charlotte’s Place for triage, from which we can refer to clinics. We maintain a list in the binder in the cubicle. (Matt recommends building from listings)
  • Michelle proposed initiating a check-in system (one-time, or perhaps weekly) for occupiers staying at churches to screen for the basics; the group will take this proposal up again next week

Omar Bakri film:

  • Laurie reports that Omar is working on a new/expanded film that will focus more explicitly on the role of medics and medical support (including interviews with docs and volunteers) in the Egyptian Revolution. The group agreed that this would be much more relevant than the earlier film, which we agreed not to screen.


  • Maria raised the issue of resource-sharing with the medics. As of right now, it is not clear whether med support can or should reimburse medics out of our budget (for things such as medic cab fares and occupier prescriptions). The group will take up Maria’s proposal to do these reimbursements at next week’s meeting.

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