Meeting Minutes 2/26/12

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OWS Medical Support meeting Feb 26, 2012

Present: Joanna Meringoff, Ken Rich, Matt Anderson, Mary Caliendo, Suzy Parker, Sandy Turner, Renee Ruiz, Harry Pomeranz, Steve Dossick, Featherhat, Lih Chang, Sam Connet, Laurie Wen.

Chair: Harry

Minutes: Jo/Sam/Lih



▪      Pfizer action 10am; march to Bryant Park/stage for BoA action 11am; BoA action12n

▪      meet at 9:30am at playground on 42nd and 1st

▪      available: Lih, Matt, Renee, Sandy, Steve D., Rev. Mary, Laurie, Sam; email for more volunteers

▪      hats to arrive Tuesday

▪      supplies in smaller bags/fanny packs for mobility

▪      rolling bag at first aid station in Bryant Park; Renee will bring from CP

▪      possible back-up space at Murphy Institute; Sam will follow-up

▪      communications as per D17 Duarte action; Renee on medics’ celly and coordinate via text

▪      Laurie, Ken, Lih to meet with medics before their training at PNHP space Monday 6:30p

West Park

▪      we have dedicated space for first aid station; alternate days with CP

▪      some evening and weekend hours so more volunteers available

▪      scheduling system remains as is

▪      medics can maintain daily presence at CP?

Bridge training report-back:

▪      10 students on day 1: Matt, Laurie, Harry, Chiara, Sandy, med students

▪      well-organized, appropriate content

▪      topics covered: approach to situation while maintaining safety; spine stabilization; CPR; hyper/hypothermia; professional liability/license issues; herbal medicine; gender issues in context of arrest

▪      reciprocal skill share sessions discussed; no specific plans

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