Meeting Minutes 2/12/12

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February 12, 2012

OWS Medical Support Meeting

Present: Laurie, Sam, Matt, Lih, Chiara, Sandy, Embi, Harry, Maria on speaker phone

Bridge training:

Discussion regarding donating $25/individual to cover the trainers’ transportation costs

Lack of open discussion and coordination/skill sharing regarding the curriculum with the trainers and Medical Support

Location at Far Rockaway

Discussion regarding attending the training to learn how medics work and to demonstrate our openness and commitment


Discussion held regarding cost of prescription until we have more information from Renee/Maria

Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals, Brooklyn-based, reportedly has the means to support medical costs

Charlotte’s Place:

Calendar for scheduling is difficult to navigate.  Dates will be sent to Sam who will post them. The calendar will be accessible for viewing but only administrators (Sam/Maria) will enter or delete names.

Reverend Mary is not affiliated with Trinity Church any more

OWS is not paying Trinity Church to house occupiers

OWS members at the church on 86 street will be selling t-shirts to aid in the financial cost of housing and will pay $7 a night to the church

Referrals to medical treatment/evaluation need to be evaluated and updated- should be accessible by a discreet number of individuals and not disseminated (sensitive data)

Guidelines for behavior at CP are being developed

Medical supplies need to be inventoried and organized

Maria has been able to improve relationship with Trinity Church- staff will be notified if patients are being seen, health care workers and social workers will notify the staff of their presence

West Park Community Center (86 and Amsterdam) may provide space for storage and treatment area

Group Process:

Medical Support has a page on

Minutes will be circulated, approved and then posted. Lih, Renee, Sam and Harry will have administrative responsibilities to post the minutes

Discussions can be posted by any member of MS

Process of consensus and blocking needs more discussions- to be reviewed at the next meeting

Occupy Town Square- 2/11/12 86 street

Various OWS groups involved, people asked questions, provided their stories, photos taken

Single-payer bill for NYS discussed with Assemblyman Gottfried

OTS scheduled 2/26 at Tompkins Square Park

“Shut Down the Corporations” on 2/29- need to coordinate with street medics, 2/22 medics meeting

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