Meeting Minutes 1/29/12

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OWS Medical Support Meeting                                                                                           January 29, 2012

Spokes Council meeting– Sam attended the meeting. They meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There were 50-60 people present; 12-15 working groups were represented. The representative cannot be the same person for 2 consecutive meetings. Meeting locations are usually not announced until 1 hour prior to the meeting. We acknowledge the need for an organized approach to attending these meetings and that we do not need to be present 3 times a week.

Charlotte’s Place- There is a need for medical and psychological support staff to be present. An individual was walked over to Bellevue’s walk-in psychiatric evaluation and treatment center. Lunches are available on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The Church on 86th street and Amsterdam Avenue is scheduled to close its doors to OWS people due to lack of funds from OWS.

Bridge training for medical professionals– The medics are organizing a 2-day training session on February 18-19 and have expressed their desire to charge us $15/hour per individual. We need more information regarding this. PNHP can supply the space for free.


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