Meeting Minutes 1/22/12

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OWS Medical Support Meeting 1/22/2012 Minutes

Present: Lih, Janet, Mary, Mary O’B, Sam C, Susie Parker, Laurie W, Steve D, Omar Bakry, Harry, Sandy T, Renee, Michelle, Maria (by phone), Ken

Report back.

Mission statement accepted.

Bridge training: 4 people interested in attending. Need more details. Who will run it?

Street Medics’ Meeting: Sandy T attended on Tuesday. Burnout is a significant issue.

Churches and Shelters: brief discussion. OWS may want to close down Amsterdam and 86th street site.

Working group: go through Finance committee to change name to OWS medical support group. Minutes need to posted on NYCGA site – needs to be set up.

Omar Bakry, an Egyptian activist showed video of Tahrir Square protests in 11/2011. He is returning to Egypt and will get more info about medics and their functioning during the Tahrir Square occupation.

Spokes Council meets twice a week. Discussed having rotating members attend to represent us.

Finance Reps: Mary and Renee (with Maria as sub when she is in NYC).

Charlotte’s Place: discussion re problems and issues and suggestion to meet with trinity church to resolve these issues.

Info re: demonstrations and need for medical presence. Sam C will keep track of scheduling and let us know.

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