Meeting minutes 12/15/11

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Hi – here are notes from tonight’s meeting.  It was a small group so Im
listing action items only.  We didnt have official anything making for a
loose, fun, highly productive meeting.  Plus we got to tossle Jules’ new
haircut which is super cute!! :)

We consented upon the statement of solidarity.  There was positive feedback
online.  We read it and didnt have edits.
– Ris will post it (Ive done this)
– it’s on our new blog!
– also tweeted it and sent it to this list
– forward’s are ok

Post the amendment to the declaration to our forum.  We may want to send it
to allied caucuses and WGs
– Ris will post to the forum

Ris contacted a sister in ows, an artist about an image for the blog.

Proposal to change the location of next Thursdays’ meeting to Full
Shilling, an irish pub near 60 wall
– Ris will announce on and HERE. so take note!!!!

Next Media Sub Group Meeting will be after training sunday – location TBC

Mel will send the invite to the anti violence training

Mel proposed a retreat!  YAY.  She’ll send out info shortly.  Probably next
week.  Friday or Sat – Sat or Sun AM.  Sounds lovely!

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