Meeting minutes 12/11/11

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We devoted most of the meeting to preparation for last night’s self-defense funding request at the GA, brainstorming questions that might arise.  Alexis volunteered to speak at the GA with Larisa as back-up to answer questions.  We talked about taking reservations for training, but trying to keep attendance progressive. Marginalized female-identified individuals would be encouraged to attend.

Larisa has set up 2 email accounts, 2 twitter accounts, and a tumblr account for us:
wowsnyc @ (no spaces – I have to do this so google doesn’t hide email address?)
womenoccupyingwalls @ (no spaces)
wowsnyc twitter
womenoccupyingwallst twitter
wowsnyc tumblr

Alexis is planning to set up wows blog on the website.

Women in Media subgroup will meet at 6 today.

We took 10 mins to look at the logos Design came up with for Larisa.  There were 6 pink and purple variations of a raised fist as female symbol on a pop-art background.  Opinions were that the image was too dated ’60’s – ’70’s era, that “fisting” was being overdone.  Everyone is urged to send their ideas for a logo to Larisa and she’ll go back to Design.

That was it for the meeting, but I think all of the attendees moved on to the GA to support Alexis and Larisa.  We were not successful in our bid for self-defense training funding.  There were 3 blocks and 10 people out of 43 voted against the proposal even after amendments were made, one which was to open the training up to men if all the spots weren’t filled by women.  But we did meet a member of OWS, Faith, who has experience in verbal and nonverbal self-defense and will join the training and help train the wider community.  It looks like the training will move ahead anyway with attendees being asked to contribute towards the fee.  Open attendance requirements for the Unconference may still require us to admit men to the training if all the spots aren’t filled by women.  Please go to wowsnyc @ (no spaces in address) to place a reservation for the training.

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