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Report back from internet (Katie)

  • setting up NYCGA 2.0 (wordpress) and 3.0 (drupal)
  • need wordpress developers (PHP)
  • meetings every sunday to set up working group blog & do training
    • 412 broadway, 9 pm (?) with dr. ron
  • will now be public facing site ( is internal organizing site)
  • interviewing people on how to make the site better, need help transcribing these interviews

Open Source (Katie)

  • setting up Permabank, an open source gifting platform that pairs needs with supplies
  • mesh network – creating more internet access at the park
  • starting a news feed like reddit

Signage / Icons (Adam)

  • adam met w/ town planning
  • icons could be used for both signage in the park and can be used on nycga site
  • plans should be flexible if map changes
  • should do a reach out to every group to make sure they get an icon
  • seeking consistency for visuals
  • all PRINTING jobs are being funneled through one group (related to Outreach), one printing budget for every group
  • sustainability icons
    • pre-created set of icons, someone involved in OWS created them
    • adam & jessica to meet with wendy from sustainability to get the ok to use
    • may need to add to them, but a good start
  • occupy design also created icons

Spokes Council

  • 7pm mon/wed/fri
  • important to have presence at these meetings
  • want to cluster with communications (media, internet, info, outreach, others?)
  • we consider ourselves an operations WG

Image Bank / Design Blog (Adam, Jessica)

  • jessica started a flickr account for people to post/donate work
    • need to talk to check on legal, let people know they are giving us permission to use
  • design blog is separate
    • more inspirational
    • what elements do we see rising to the top? what visual language is being created?
    • adam sees specific font usage – gothic and grotesk – also a history of these fonts used in protest movements past
    • adam can get us open source versions of gothic/grotesk fonts for our regular usage
    • gregg can help build blog in wordpress, already has some domains we could use
  • jessica will write definitions to distinguish image bank from design blog so that we can start populating them with imagery


  • “not an alternative” working with direct action, using yellow & black tape and signage with stencil typography
  • like yellow & black, strong recognition and NYCGA website already uses
  • don’t need to impose branding, will start to take shape on it’s own
  • emily wants to put out the call for symbol submissions
    • can start internally and then start to open to a wider community (A&C next)
    • add to image bank, but may be beginning of discussion of “logos” or unifying symbols
    • don’t need to have just one and people will start to use the ones they like the best organically

randomly ran into jesse & john who are a part of occuprint

  • they are collecting poster art for free download at (site not live yet, but showed us a preview and it looks good; good posters, good design)
  • got their contact info, may want to partner with them in some way, maybe with image bank? or contribute poster designs to their site

Promotion / Recruiting

  • our organizational systems for taking on requests are functioning pretty well now
  • pretty much all requests are coming through outreach, do others know we exist?
  • want to introduce ourselves to other groups, let them know what we do
    • can write up an introduction and do this when we reach out groups re: signage/icons
  • need to expand the core of the group, more designers
    • can also mention to groups during signage/icon reach out, see if they have members who have been working on design internally
    • can also announce at GA, SC

*****NEW MEETING TIME: Sundays at 5PM, is this better for people? can start a doodle, if not

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