Meeting Minutes 1/15/12

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OWS Medical Support meeting Jan 15, 2012

Present: Harry, Sam (PNHP/OWS organizer), Lih, Sandy, Matt, David, Renee

Chair: Sandy

Minutes: Lih


Mission statement:

▪      general approval of latest version from Harry

▪      Sandy: add statement about women’s health – recognize need for/aim to provide

▪      Harry will incorporate suggestions/changes and send to group for final approval


▪      Renee and Mary C. got cash from Finance/Accounting on Jan 10; bought supplies, held hygiene class; only spent about 1/3 of budget for week

▪      amendment to budget statement – Renee will send to group for approval

▪      as per Suzy, Jan 14 GA discussed streamlining funding; continued full funding for housing, kitchen, legal, medical, medics

Interface with OWS:

▪      Lih: representation at GA/spokes councils, other obligations?

▪      Renee: need to post minutes of meeting for transparency; will forward email address for posting on website

▪      Sam: presence at GA so people know what we’re doing; rotate attendance

▪      Sam and Lih to investigate process/steps needed for compliance and report to group

Intra-group process:

▪      minute-taker this week will chair next week’s meeting for continuity

▪      finances: Renee leaves NYC at end of January (Maria may return then); 2 financial point people perhaps on monthly basis, with overlap

Working with Medics group:

▪      Michelle (NP; experience with events first aid, e.g., at Burning Man) has good working relationship with street medics; can also help with issues such as license protection, e.g., what street medics can do that MDs/RNs should not attempt because of potential liability

▪      all medical supplies have been moved from central storage to CP; medics will check out jump bags already stocked with basic first aid supplies

▪      attend each other’s weekly meetings; possible joint meetings q month and/or coordination meetings around specific events with debrief post-event; possibility of rejoining as one working group?

▪      Sandy will attend next Medics meeting on Wed Jan 18 at 7:30

▪      Harry: need to discuss arrestability at specific events, e.g., who will participate in civil disobedience actions and risk arrest vs. who remains available to provide first aid/medical care

Bridge training:

▪      general agreement of  2-way share of between our group and medics group; need to plan such training sessions

▪      Michelle to lead “skill share” with street medics Wed Jan 18 1pm at Charlotte’s Place; specifics of session TBD

Medical support for MLK events:

▪      march from African Burial Ground to Madison Square Garden Jan 16 from 10-12:30 then action with labor at MSG, but no access to supplies at CP until 12n; med support group will not be at march

▪      Occupy 4 Jobs Jan 16 at 1pm at Union Sq; Harry, Sandy, Matt, Lih, Laurie available; will meet at Phillips Amb Ctr at 12:45p; Harry and Lih to pick up supplies from CP at 12n

▪      medics have their supplies already

Charlotte’s Place:

▪      no 24-hr access to medical supplies currently – possibility of storing one mobile station (rolling duffle bag) at PNHP/Demos office or David’s virtual office at Canal near Greenwich

▪      volunteers needed to staff CP M-F 12n-6p; schedule to be accessible online

Medical groups at other Occupy sites:

▪      Laurie: no medical team in Hong Kong; also they have universal health care

▪      Occupy the Bronx

▪      at least 2 separate Occupy Brooklyn groups

▪      Sam: meeting of labor, OWS, other groups at Murphy Institute; will send info to group

▪      Sandy is point person for Interoccupy


▪      from Suzy: minister at church wants contact number for psychiatrist; “on call” but never called; Sandy volunteered.



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