Meeting Minutes 11/3/11

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Hey everyone! My notes are not nearly as good as Andy’s were but I did get the main points. If anyone had questions, comments or friendly amendments, please post them below!  Here they are:

1 Solidify our Mission Statement

1.2 “The Political Action & Impact’s mission is to leverage politics into pro-action through voter empowerment and education, legislative advocacy and to hold our elected politicians accountable by demanding transparency.”

1.3 There was some discussion about the word “demand” and its connotation. We debated briefly on using “promoting” as some felt it was a more positive word. We stuck with “demanding’ for now.

2 Finalize subcommittees

2.1 We agreed that because of the amount of people that are currently active in the group, we  needed to shorten the list of subcommittees. We took Ted’s original list of 8 and tied them in with our mission statement, making 5 subcommittees. Here is what we came up with:

a. Tactical subcommittee becomes “Pro-action”

b.  Voter Registration and Education becomes “Voter Empowerment and Education”

c. Community Board and Elected Official Outreach becomes “Political Accountability”

d. Legislative and Election Research becomes “Legislative Advocacy”

e.  Press & Media, Forum and Website are combined into one group with 2 Admins

3 Update on current legislation

3.1 Andy passed on info about the jobs bill. The motion to proceed with the bill “was not achieved.” Senator Ben Nelson Democrat of Nebraska voted no.  Last time, two democrats voted no (the other Senator Tester of MT – but he came around to yes this time).  Andy encourages everyone to occupy Nelson’s phone line:  (202) 224-6551.

3.2 new member Dave Doom brought us info on the Robin Hood Tax, and two bills pertaining to it. This info is posted in the documents section. We will be taking this info to the GA with the next few days to gain their solidarity, thus joining LA, SF and DC in their solidarity.

4 Gaining more active members

4.1 We discussed how we can get more members to come to meetings and actively participate in the group. Ilana suggested we get food for folks (free food usually brings in the masses.) Ted will be heading to Finance on Friday to get our $100 stipend to get food for next week’s meeting.

4.2 Because we will be going to a GA this week, I (Stephanie) felt that we would gain more exposure and that would bring in more members. Let’s hope my hypothesis is correct!

4.3 Admins for the work group page (Ted, Andy, Stephanie, Ilana and Stuart) will try to be more active on the forum, commenting on member’s posts and encouraging them to bring their ideas to actual meetings.


5.1 Ted runs a public access political talk show called “On the Spot.” He would like to create some Public Service Announcements” to run on the show and maybe post online.

5.2 Stephanie and Ilana suggested using actors for the PSA, or using members from the Arts and Culture work group.

6 Action Items

TED: 1) PSA proposal brought to next meeting. 2) Go to Finance for food money 3) Go to Facilitation to obtain the proposal form and get on the GA schedule.

DAVE D: Attend GA to get solidarity for the Robin Hood Tax. (Others are welcome to join him; Ted will be attending.)

STEPHANIE: Complete database for NY elected officials

STUART: Complete database for NJ elected officials

2 Responses to “Meeting Minutes 11/3/11”

  1. Andy Kopsa

    I have another bill that has been languishing in the house. It is a gender wage gap bill that I would like to generate some interest around. I will write something up!

  2. thinking7

    Hope I am not just opening a can of worms, in a way that people will become anxious, but…has anyone from any of the Occupy committees of the GA said anything about what to do on Election Day this Tuesday? I understand not wanting to be too partisan. But, I actually feel a slight sense of hopelessness and loss (or, is it just boredom?) Usually, I can blog about worthy candidates, or write-in themes, or something. My time and focus is the occupation. And, it seems like the occupy community should send out some kind of message. Anyone thought of saying “Yes, occupiers should vote”, “No, occupiers should not vote” or “Occupiers should write in ‘occupy'” or something? There is an audience/community/collection of neighbors who turn to occupy for messages, and I don’t hear a message. Peace and thanks, Kimberly Wilder