Meeting Minutes, 11/29/2011

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Meeting Notes OWS Photo November 29, 2011

Occupy Alligator
Twinkle fingers for occupying Hilary’s reading (especially with whiskey)

Events for the Week
Coverage for Obama march Bryant Park 6pm
Military/Industrial march 4:39 Madison Park Ave S
630 large banners and puppets 24th Madison

1:30 Egyptian death reenactment
Unions 4:30 pm Union then Zuccotti
7pm Columbia

Occupy Bdwy flash mob

Koch brothers mad and e61 march Dec 10th rally at UN 11am

Access distributed to group so everyone can post content (details for how we     decided to run and manage blog are in notes from Oct 21st)
Minutes need to be posted with an emphasis on 3-4 critical points each     meeting
Mission statement of our blog and introduction to who we are
Stephen will contact Dave about technical details of blog for group access

Switch from Flickr to Photoshelter or Smugmug
Twinkle fingers from group
Will allow us to have more control over who and how photos are accessed     (OWS vs. media outlets)
Easier to set price online, archiving, and maintenance
Workflow easier and transparent
Alex and Stephen will compare two sites and bring proposal to next meeting
Stephen will look into getting smugmug donated

Access to photos for OWS working groups (many groups do not know about us or how to access photos)
Alex will write press release to be distributed to OWS groups. Info to include:
Link to photoshelter/smugmug, facebook, and twitter
Our intro (Hilary will write this and bring to next meeting for                 approval)
Permission for OWS usage so long as photogs are credited

Holiday (politically correct) cards (Stephen’s project)
Online gallery
Public can build their own cards, print, and mail
Hilary will write sarcastically witty blurbs (anyone else is welcome to also)
Democracy now in email subject space to Stephen at
40% OWS rest to our budget

Gallery submissions Dec 1st for Christine Heron’s show in Soho
You guys have all these opportunities to get your work seen so jump on it!

Tabled for next meeting with Peter and Dave
Peter was working on pricing?

Affinity group with own budget and fundraising or official working group
Twinkle fingers as affinity group (Dave, Peter, and Brenan feedback     requested)
This will allow us more freedom while remaining under OWS umbrella
Stephen will follow up on stipend
We will have to raise and maintain finances (must be clarified and agreed on     and followed if we do bring outside funds into group)
Flash show (Alex)
OMG (Christina)

Gallery project Stephen affinity group project
Stephen has three galleries interested in a show
Schedule a meeting to discuss this collectively
Themes, timeline, curator, etc.

Occupy Stephen’s birthday Dec 10th
Debauchery ensues. Enough said.

Spokes needs rotating spokes person from each group
Everyone has to do this
Google calendar for group so we always know who is attending (google calendar could also be efficient for events and who is covering them)

New members invited to join (introduced by Todd)

Beer and cigarettes

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