Meeting Minutes, 11/1/2011

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OWS Photos Working Group Nov 1st Meeting

Unanimous decision to meet weekly
-9pm every Thursday at 60 Wall
-Additional meetings called as needed

Official blog page associated with media
-David will have up by Nov 7th
-Flickr run RSS feed into blog
-Put together writer/photo teams for events

Working Group form filled out by Stephen
-Official sub-group of media by Nov 3rd
-Need admin for group (volunteers?)

OWS Photo press badges created by Tim
-Completed by Nov 3rd

Office space for working groups should be available soon

Storage locker for OWS Photos

Scheduling through google groups
-Stephen will forward PR info to group daily

Special projects
-Media is interested in human interest stories
-List of ideas as group
-How do you make a city within a city?
-Show us your tent and interview
-Homeless being sent to park by police? (proof)
-Working group status needed before proposals can by submitted (Stephen)
-Anything over $100 has to be voted on and passed
-Stephen is compiling a list of equipment damaged/stolen (he needs exact           cost including tax)
-Needs list by Nov 5th (must be prepared to defend/prove                  damage/stolen and cost)
-Stephen is contact point with finance
-Backup equipment for group in budget (Nikon/Canon)
-Separate meeting on responsibilities/storage/insurance/guidelines

Blog content (separate meeting devoted to this topic)
-Always do justice to our cause
-Mission statement
-Who is our target audience?
-Middle America, Conservative, Liberal, International?
-What are our values?
-How can our blog benefit the movement as a whole?
-Stories without sensational POV
-What are do we hope to accomplish with this blog?
-Show world how active we are in Zuccotti
-How do we decide who/what to cover?
-Show how we are part of the community
-Show concrete results the movement has made
-We must portray the values we want to see in our country through creating           honest and focused work that can effect people without propaganda
-Special interest stories and universal values
-Keeping the American Dream from becoming a myth

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