Meeting Minutes, 11/10/2011

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OWS Photo Working Group Notes Nov 10, 2011

Creative Commons/Intellectual Property
Christmas Card Fundraiser (Proposed by Stephen)
OWS Logo Design

Tabled until next meeting with Peter and David

Creative Commons/Intellectual Property

  1. Retain rights to what we shoot. OWS has full rights to use into perpetuity      so long as credit is given.
  2. Photographers are to be informed of use by OWS and no violation of integrity of photo without written consent.
  3. Full credit must be given to photographers.
  4. 3rd party must seek permission directly from photographers and not OWS.
  5. Photos will be sold at rates agreed upon.

Christmas/Holiday/Hanukkah Card
Proposed by Stephen
Each photographer will pick two of their favorite photos. Hilary, and anyone     else who wants to, can write slogans for the cards.

Needs content, photographers pick a few photos that highlight wotk and     Hilary can write a few blurbs for photos

How do we more efficiently organize as a group to cover events?
Writer/Photographer teams

Contact list

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