Meeting Minutes, 10/21/2011

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Notes Occupy Wall Street Photos Oct 21, 2011

Compile a list of categories publications fall into, i.e., NY Observer, Independent, Village Voice, etc.
-Circulation number
-Free, etc.

Compile list of NY papers

Rate for photos all OWS Photos members agree to and abide by
-Major Papers Base $150 (print or online each usage, digital storing charge)
-Magazines Base $150, ½ page and above $350, cover $1000

Photographers agree to complete transparency about any monetary transactions
Money from transactions will go to pay for Flickr, dropbox, other financial needs of OWS Photos

Movie usage (more research/info needed)
-Rate based on who is using stills and why (non-profit or commercial)
-Ben, Todd, Peter pricing ideas?

Each photographer can submit up to 15 (fifteen) photos per day per person
Each photographer is responsible for own editing
Each photographer will submit photos directly to Flickr page
Each photographer must agree to guidelines before giving access to submit
Log in Info email: password: ows.WallStreet11!
Photos given to Occupy Wall Street for usage by anyone (in group or not) agrees to donate any money generated from their photo back to OWS, but will receive name/credit for photos
Release form and Disclaimer (David will talk to Alex Penley,
Approval is required for group membership (group will open to new membership after technical foundation is worked out)
-Guidelines put on Google group
Tagging system protocol and easy to navigate for OWS group and public archive
Compile a list of search keywords for tagging

Occupy Wall Street public photo archive
-Barbara set up ymail for public account

Google group
-Barbara set up
-Invitation only (not public group)

Internet Drew came by and discussed
-Creating new group with GA
-Sub group of Media
-RSS Blog link to Flickr

-Editorial perspective (Hilary has a lot of questions regarding this)
-Home for OWS Photos
-Photos out daily
-Highlights or photos posted on blog based on voting system (needs more           discussion/clarification)

Flickr tutorial (Todd, Peter, David)
Lightroom tutorial

Clean up and organize current photos in Flickr (Peter, Barbara, David, Todd, Tim, Brennan, Steve)
-Division of labor?
-Sets grouped by dates with edited photos

PR Google group calendar access

Create editorial calendar

OWS Photos listed on GA website
-Contact info for group

Contact list email/phone for group

Conference space done in person Charlotte’s Place

Special project proposed by Steve
-Gallery exhibition (three galleries interested)
-Kickstarter campaign for printing and promotions
-Multi media
-3-5 contributors
-Kickstarter link on blog

Other possible collective/special projects as group?

Robin hood march Oct 29th, 1979

Notes Occupy Wall Street Photos Oct 26, 2011

Keep blog format simple (David can do training)
-Photos (daily highlights)
-Text (blurbs, articles, interviews, op-ed)
Title of blog Occupy Wall Street Photos
Rotating editor on weekly/volunteer basis
GA link to blog

Hilary set up Facebook page
-Teaser for blog/website
-Image sizes (Peter, David, Tim look into)

Barbara set up Twitter account
-Teaser for blog

Link to blog from Flickr (David, Peter, Barbara look into)

Group purchased domain names and
-Web designer to design sites (David, Tim, Peter contact internet group)
-Content from blog to websites once completed
-Links to blog, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and GA

Creative commons licensing agreement

Logo for group
-Drawing/font simple
-Hilary has friend designing

Special projects
-Op-Ed, Essays (Hilary)
-Photographing/interviews of protestors (Hilary, Peter, David, Tim)
-Following security (Peter, David)
-Photographing/interviews people in tents (Hilary, Peter, David, Tim)

-David forward PR emails to photo group

Barbara, David, Peter continue to clean/organize Flickr

Everyone get contact info to Barbara

Barbara forward ymail emails to Hilary, David, Steve, Peter, Tim

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