Meeting Minutes – 1-9-12

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January 9, 2012
1:16 P.M.

Strong Women Rules Working Group…
Group In-Cord movement minute Proposal meeting

Subway Sandwich on Broadway: Near Liberty Park.

We the Working Group decided it is a great idea to do some form of outreach to other
city, stated and countries around the world. For the sick of the movement and solidarities
that we made and the people that trust us, we must become in one accorded to this move,
in order to survive we must expended and this is a minute proposal. We need to vote in
right now to have minute once a month: every 18 of each month via skype or phone-
conference call, @ 3P.M, we must travel and stand with those groups that are part of us
and that we are part of, if there are any block please do speak your mind or else we shall
come to an agreement with this minute proposal to expect this group around the world
and our brothers and sisters organizations.

Strong Women Rules Group In-Cord Members:
The Final Decision In-Cord Group Members:
Angela, Erickra Williams, Nan, Mark, Elizabeth, Sandra J. Benjamin, Nathalie, Mike,
Josaphette, Alexandria, Lousea, Mrs. Paul,

1 block:

Addressing the 2 block:
Mark… “We should bind by what we vote in through GA every week working group
meeting. We need to address this before anything”

Mrs. Paul: we understand your concern but we must expend we will continue our day to
day text morning and during the day text meeting to check on each other work progress,
we will also communicate emergency meeting via skype once its posted by
under the working group stating it is an emergency.

Group voted: Block over rule by the group and the block was addressed and Mark
personal friendly-amendment accept by the group via voted.

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