media sub group minutes from 12/13/11 – Thanks Simran!

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We had a short meeting on Monday night where we discussed new social media accounts and logo designs for WOW.
Ris facilitated.

Ris created two twitter accounts for WOW (wowsnyc and womenoccupying),
three gmail accounts, a livestream account, and a ustream account. The
next step for the WOW website is to use a wordpress site on the nycga
site. Julia is going to create a facebook account.

Larisa brought in a bunch of logo ideas, which she also posted up on
Google Groups. Kathleen is going to take some ideas to her design
contacts, Julia will take a stab at some ideas herself, and Ris is
going to take the ideas back to the Design Team.

We want to create a video about women occupying wall street, but
decided our logo and manifest should come first.

Additionally, there will be a de-escalation training for the 17th
action on Tuesday at 8pm at 60 Wall St. They are asking women to take

I asked the group to think of some ideas/angles about women occupying
for blogs/articles.

We decided WOW Media meetings will be held on Sundays after the
current WOW meetings (around 7/7:30) moving forward

One Response to “media sub group minutes from 12/13/11 – Thanks Simran!”

  1. Paula James

    You are doing beautiful, essential work. I return to CO tomorrow but would like to stay on your list to stay in touch with your efforts. Not only must we end the violence against women; we must also make sure that women’s voices are loud and clear in this movement. Otherwise it could devolve into just another patriarchal, violent grab for power.

    (Sorry I missed the last two meetings. I fell Tues. And sprained my ankle.)