Media Agenda

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1.Proposal: Plan Media time at spokes + Unconference media wg agenda along with break out groups at each with media rep in each group. 10-15min overview of production basics including camera, lighting, sound, editing, then allow each person to contribute one or more content idea, training on camera and editing,


Proposal to add in some form to all videos deemed in collaboration/of service to the GA/using funds from the GA
Support: By using the office, eating kitchen’s food, going to spokes, and any other U.S. currency exchange using money donated to or occupy wall street, since the GA consents upon proposals.

Author: Andrew@TheHumanChannel.Org

2. Proposal: Meet twice a week with Tech and PR in a space with power, wifi, and content available, and few interruptions.

Author: Andrew@TheHumanChannel.Org

3. Proposal: To express the need at spokes for the 18 Operational Groups to¬† have a small window on to tech. Drew said: “If you want something like that on the website, the GA or Spokes must decide it.”

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