MAY 31, 2013 Assembly Notes

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*99%-OWS, City-Wide Movement Building and Coordination Assembly

MAY 31, 2013

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba, 10 in attendence

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection-

Brief overview and (Handout for Newcomers)

Proposals: Endorsements, Black Is Back Coalition-TABLED until potentially a representative visits group- Protocols and autonomy for fliers(tabled), March Against Corruption November 5, 2013 consented-assembly consented on temperatures that would move assembly from Zuccotti Park as to under 60 or rain 50%-also anything over 85 degrees  Sumumba will start a text loop.

26.25$ COLLECTED-went toward weekly metrocard

Save PS 150 Movement consented on solidarity .  Assembly  consented on rotating weekly assemblies between Zuccotti every month

Next Actions-OSR, Trip to Albany,  Anti-Ticket Quota- Action -Date for Action-June 14, 2013@Zuccotti

Discussion- Re-Occupation of Zuccotti, OWS Assembly, Goals

Upcoming/Movement Building Meetings and Actions: Building with other groups. Ms. Kay brought information about Succession from NYCHA . Bill Johnsen will continue his Saturday Outreach and Occupy Sandy Resistance efforts/ Upcoming forum

Open Discussion- Close Meeting

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