March 9th, Kitchen Meeting Minutes

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Will (facilitating)






Chris (minutes)

Bill B.






Ice: People are being arrested everyday for serving food in the park during COOLS, and not just one or two but at six or eight at a time. Monday at noon there is going to be a meditation ceremony.

Sara: Working with Evan from Permabank to create a system to get people up to farms and bring food back in a consolidated manor. Also, working with COOLS to do environmental / sustainable things in the park during the last week of March.

Jay: Since I’ve started working with food I’ve been very proud of the food we’ve been doing. We’re getting a lot of compliments, especially for the apple crisp.

Bill: Food from Occupy Farms was delivered from Vermont. It was 300lbs of food, mostly onions carrots and beets. The cost for the gas to transport it was twice what we would’ve paid for the food.

Sara: (DR) Need to talk about where we should source donated food. If its more than 3 hours away then it’s not worth it.

Casper: (DR) Farms are a great idea but we need to consolidate.

Ice: (DR) First farm trip we paid for in advance and was a better deal.

Spontaneous discussion of budget/reimbursement  

Agenda Items

Chris: Metro cards given by housing have a new system for distribution. They were given to me and I was supposed to record who received them so that we as a group can decide who should get them. People who received them include myself, Bill, Faith, Alicia, Natalie. The remaining two we’re given to active kitchen members, but I lost my notes. I will try and remember who those were and bring it up again on monday.

Bill and Chris both take their names off of list of metrocard recipients for next week.


Casper: I have some ideas for laptops, buying two netbooks with the buyback money from the apple computer. Sending one to Liberty Cafe for use there and having one for finance point people and also be used for taking meeting minutes.

Chris: (CC) Is the buyback money on hand right now or was it returned to the GF?

Ice: We have the money, the money is ours we can buy computers right away.

Casper: We should also get a hotspot so that we can post minutes immediately, cost is $35/month.

Chris: If we get the laptops we should at least allow the one @ Liberty Cafe to be accessible for borrowing by kitchen members for kitchen work. Possibly with sign-out sheets like those used at SIS.

Ice: The cap for both laptops should be $600.

Casper nominates himself as bottom lining laptop purchases.


Casper: Hotspot mobile wifi, for email, etc. Livestreaming kitchen channel, media etc.

Bill: Good idea, but is it contract? We’re almost out of $$.

Casper: Company is called Clear, payment is month by month.

Will: (incomprehensible tech talk)

Casper: Cost is less than $50 per unit.

Chris: Which laptop are you proposing stay with the clear unit?

Casper: The laptop at Liberty Cafe, the laptop could also travel with the food for live-streaming purposes.

Ice: We’re being forgotten, we need to get our story out. If we need to do our own fundraising this will help. We need to ween off the GA tit.

Will: (POI) Cheapest unit is $100. Plan is $35/month for .5 megabits, which is slow. Faster plan is $50/month.

Bill: Don’t think we need this.

Ice: It would be great use of money. There will be an action on the 16th or 17th to Occupy the Board of Ed. Minimum of 800 people there.

Casper: I’ve got a clear that got disconnected, if we can reconnect it that would avoid us having to buy a new unit.

Will: I’m on the same page as Bill, it would be short sighted to get this given that we have so little $$ left. There is no shortage of live-streamers, it would be nice to have our own but redundant.

Ice: When we get close to $0 we’ll need to fundraise. Are we going to hope or are we going to do?

Bill B: Work with WG (archives) who are dying to document kitchen.

Casper: Info has a hotspot, a few WG’s have them.

Ice: We should look into them.

Will: Are you offering to table this?

Casper: The six month anniversary is coming, website and media attention will increase.

Will: Temp check?

Very mixed. Tabled.

Casper: I will try and get someone else’ clear so I can show you all how cool it is.

Ice: (POI) All the other groups are working on fundraising online.

Aaron: Proposal to get food to endorse and possibly feed an action on Wednesday, a fundraiser ($2,500/plate) for Romney that Jamie Diamond will attend. Occupiers will protest dressed in suits and 1% signs made by Shepard Fairy.

Ice: We can get food from the source COOLS uses. Just buy extra, $75/tray.

Chris: How will it be served? Bring a table? Also, I love the juxtaposition of them paying for $2,500 plates inside and us eating free food outside.

Aaron: If you can endorse it now we can talk food later.

Will: Temp check?


Danny: Proposal to feed action in sunset park on the 30th of March. I saw the work you guys did at the commons and was very impressed. I know the money is running out, but hoping you can still help with this action.

Bill: Maybe you can find food that’s cheap, $1 slices or something.

Ice: We can allocate the money now, and then if we’re broke by March 30th, the action can still go on.

Will: So long as we have merchants that are willing to work with us to do that, place advance orders.

Bill B: What about the kitchen at the venue?

Will: Sounds like there are still some unanswered questions.

Consensus on going forward on project, no defined budget.

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