March 8, 2013- Assembly Notes-** Building Occupy Wall Street to Connect and Build with the 99%**

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March 8, 2013

** Building Occupy Wall Street to  Connect and Build with the 99%**

Rosa Luxemborg Community and Movement Coordination Assembly-

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection-What is Occu-Evolve? Brief overview and (Handout for Newcomers)-10 Minutes

Women’s History Month  Honoree-Rosa Luxemborg (Teach In)-Sumumba led brief Teach In /Sister Fatima-Victim of Targeting for her Activism against Stop and Frisk and Police Brutality did presentation of her case. Group consented to showing her Solidarity at her trial April 8.

Proposals-Goals of Occu-Evolve/Occupy Wall Street  -group consented to continue the work on goals that were gleaned from Second Vision Statement.

Discussion/Strategic Planning–, Planning for MAY DAY-announcements made for upcoming planning meetings

Reportbacks- -neglected to record reportbacks.

Open Discussion-various people including Malu, Marty and Tony spoke about the significance of Rosa Luxemburg  2 hour 30 minutes-estimated time of meeting

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