March 2, kitchen meeting minutes

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Kitchen Meeting 3/2

Chris ( Facilitating)
Ben From France
Sarah from Sustainability
Eric Light
Henry Occupy farms
Hunter Occupy farms
Joshua (minutes)

Agenda items;

Occupy farms ( Hunter & Henry)
Sustainability ( Sarah)
Communications & online presence ( Eric and Chris)
BBQ ( E NY Jordan)
Reimbursements for 702 (Jordan) plus from Stauss Auto
Financial pt. Ppl.. (Chris)
Bank account.

External meeting Agenda’s


Ice: The wayKitchen was being proposed at the GA…. that we were being something other than what
we are. Kitchen is Direct Action everyday.

Dylan: Bless is in prison for 6 months so doing breakfast is becoming difficult. Ice has been carrying
the load.

Occupy farms agenda  (Hunter and Henry)

coming to us. 20 new farms have signed up. And the food is coming to us. Flyers will be coming
soon to inform and make a way for us to volunteer. Some farms will need volunteers. Want to start a

conversation with us about how we feel. Surveys they gave, shows their ready to send food now.

Ice: we need the homework, the cost etc.
Henry has all the farms, and info of their needs and what they can offer now or

Sarah: Helping to arrange a food delivery system in the NE. Through Pioneer farms, and others. She
would like to get in touch with everyone involved in this so that we can coordinate.
Wants to talk about delivering all together.

Hunter: It’s a work-trade agreement with the farmers, so that food can come down to us. There are
long term arrangements for this
kitchen gave occupy Farms money before to help deliver food. Feeding farmers/occupiers once they
get up there, or en route, sometimes need to be sustained.

Henry: Farm trip next week is planned. Also another one planned to depart out of Albany.
Wants to dialogue with us to know what to bring next meeting.

Ethan: They need to come up with a budget, so ppl can be sustained
Sarah: Would like to analyze the inputs. To figure out what is superflous.
Joshua: what would be the outputs?
Huntyer: Some farms will offer immediate stuff, others long term investment.

Sustainability  (Sarah)

reimbursements since the raid Sustainability has been feeding folks within their group. $608.72 has
been accumulated since they’ve been feeding their ppl..
Finance said they needed to come to talk to us.

Ethan: generally, folks are suppose to come to us first.
Sarak: They didn’t know the process, didn’t know our food reimbursements process.
They ususlly had their own petty process.
Faith: is this a one time ?
Joshua; How far back do they go.?
Sarah: late Nov, early December
Josh: even if we have consensus this still needs to be okayed by Accounting.
Ethan: They did a great job in feeding ppl, but it sounds like it falls outside our jurisdiction.
SaraH: Most of the food has to do with lectures, a banner, an event etc. rather than feeding people …
Ice: would this be an action?
Sarah Yes……
Bill B:…….
Sarah: she thinks this is weird, because she doesn’t think we should be the food czars controlling who
gets food.
Ethan concerned about precedences if we do this. Wants to be put in minutes that we do this as a one-
time deal. So were not flooded.

Jordan: Friendly amendment is that we don’t reimburse 5star restaurant receipts
Chris: Friendly amendment that the money be set aside until it’s okayed by Accounting
ice: Friendly amendment that if they’re proposing actions they need to send us volunteers.
Sarah: She would love to help us and get the schedule out to the Environmental Caucus make sure ppl
come out. She wants to see the schedule.

It’s on the NycGa kitchen group website.

Summary: Reimbursements for $609 for past actions including the friendly ammendments.

Passed with consensus

Communications and Online presence  ( Eric and Chris)

Chris: we have a blog that hasn’t been updated. We should start. We should be taking interview,
pictures video etc.

Eric” would like to get pple to show up. Would like to put our flyers, for food and help others by
creating a celly loop so they can get to the park and participate.

Chris: Would like Eric to talk about his proposal first.


Letetia: we need to get ppl to the park
Karim: it’;s been cold, we should start some social media, and a kitchem’ s Facebook. And others.
chris: suggests a breakout group to figure this out.
Ice: do it this weekend so they can come next monday…
Sarah: Winnie can help with sending
Ice: will get in contact with kyle to get the Facebook password to give to karim
Breakout group to work this out.
Eric wants to ask Tech to put out a new celly group for this.
Ice we have to do this soon
Eric would like to create the text loop, that can be adjusted later.
Chris: when he creates the loop to send it to the google group and let us know the password..

Eric announcement tomorrow at noon in the park Tahir Sq organizers will be speaking

702 Vermont bbq.

BBQ is planned for this Sunday. $200 is what is asked. Someone drunkenly smashed a neighbors
grill. Would like to get a new grill for the neighbor. $60 for the grill ( Jordan guesses.)
Faith: can he go find one for cheaper, and then cone back to ask for the correct price.
Jordan would like to not have to come back. Would like to just propose now.
Ice: Kitchen will like to look into the grill, and will into getting before Sunday.

Grill still usable, wants to have good impression on the neighborhood


Financial point people.

Ethan: the Official day ends next Tuesday and Ethan will leave next Monday. He nominates Maura.
Would like to nominate for Financial= pt ppl to vote on Monday

Nominations for Kitchen people;


we will be voting on Monday.

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    I’ve still got the footage from early Feb. I’ll be editing it when I get home on the 8th. I hope to have the kitchen video ready mid March.