March 19,2012 Kitchen Meeting Minutes

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Bill B

Bill (Canada)

Leo (Facilitation)

Danya R



Lynette (99 for Earth & PRWG)


We have been told there will be no money distribution until GA meets Tuesday, March 20th.  The freeze will continue until GA makes a decision

Proposals are:

Lynnette for an action on March 24th to kick off  Earth Month.  Expecting about 75 people at Bryant Park on Saturday at 5pm.  A march will start about 7pm. Lynette will go to Liberty Kitchen and choose beans and other ingredients to prepare the food herself as there is no refrigeration for any of our preparations overnight and over the weekend.

Leo will have another “Open Spaces” event at 235 West 23rd Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues). Event is Friday March 23 at 6pm until 10pm. They will pick up 3 trays of food on Friday.

Bill B reminded us of Immigrant Women in the US on March 30th at NYU Puck Bldg. 295 Lafayette St, 2nd floor, 347-889-6125. Kitchen will see if they can assist with food based on the GA meeting decision. Others have made food contributions.

Internal Notes

It is VERY important if an event is cancelled then the NYCGA & Kitchen calendars must be corrected. The “lead person” should get it done as it is unfair for people to travel to an event and then find out it is cancelled.

Vevlyn had comments regarding civil discourse. We all agreed that meetings can get emotional but we should try and keep those emotions controlled.

We were desperately in need of transportation from Liberty Kitchen  to Union Sq. and 60 Wall for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Maura will assist on Wednesday. Last night Dayna’s friend came through and will help us on Tuesday and Thursday.

PLEASE anyone with a vehicle that can help on Friday please do so. If not we need hands to move about 9 trays of food to be picked up at 5pm and moved. Liberty Kitchen is at 275 Liberty Avenue, Brooklyn. Chris is there today, Tuesday, 347-607-7529 and Bill (Canada) is there Wed thru Friday. Bill’s #917-860-1763. Ethan is to return on Monday.

We are going to do as much outreach for contributions as possible. Please contact Vevlyn, Dayna R or Bonnie with any thoughts.

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