March 1, 2013 Assembly Notes ** Building Occupy Wall Street to Connect and Build with the 99%**-

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** Building Occupy Wall Street to  Connect and Build with the 99%**

Ella Baker Community and Movement Coordination Assembly-

March 1, 2013

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection-What is Occu-Evolve? Brief overview and (Handout for Newcomers)-10 minutes 18$ raised-Went to Metrocard.

Women’s History Month  Honoree-Ella Baker-Quotes Bio-Sumumba did brief bio and quotes from Baker

Special Presentation(s)-Lakota Grandmothers, April 8th, 9th and date going to UN 10th –Lakota Grandmothers will come to the U.N. to present the U.S. with a genocide note (Group Consented on supporting these actions)

Discussion of Goals of Occupy Wall Street-Group will discuss and formulate more goals based on second vision statement.

Discussion/Strategic Planning– S.I. Walk for Democracy March 2, 2013(Group Consented on supporting action) will assemble at 8:30am-Ferry Terminal/Manhattan) Planning for MAY DAY.

Reportbacks-3 minute max for each item -Movement Monday 12 people showed up for, no reportback just that the next meeting would happen Monday at 6:30pm-60 Wall Street., Stop and Frisk-Ale did reportback from Trayvon Martin march which Occu-Evolve bottomlined Occupy Outreach for. Police barricaded off street and wouldn’t allow amplification for event. Jamie Foxx and Trayvon’s parents attended. , Labor (Loc, 99-GF Updates)-Doug reportback for. LOC is working on campaigns to support. Also Doug and Marty did reportbacks about May Day planning by Immigrant Worker’s Justice. Next meeting scheduled in two weeks. Marty attended meeting today as well with different labor groups that are also preparing for May Day.  No reportback from Occupy Sandy.) AM made reportbacks on transit and housing situation in Crown Heights and possible upcoming actions

Open Discussion-(Significance of Ella Baker and issues related to all women)- Various members spoke up. Both Jim and Malu will send their comments about issues and articles to listserve.

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