Logistics Meeting Minutes January 29, 2012

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Think Tank Logistics Meeting 1/29/2012
In attendance:
Radio: Want to edit the “What does democracy look like?” Think Tank from DC into a 30-45 min
piece; First radio TT on FEb.; What does Democracy Look Get a que as like TT; Trying
to do at least one a month; Get a cue of having a list of what other good files we have;
We should have another meeting: what we have; Students going through everything
BX: Tim went to do a Think Tank in the Bronx earlier this past week. There’s a ton of potential
there and he is super excited; Urban Renewal initiative; South Bronx Stop stop and frisk;
wants to start an every day TT; up near Fordham;Social Services offices; flea market;
school got out high school middle school input stop stop and frisk; good but limited
discussion; want to set up a perpetual TT; shows very good promises;
OQ: Think Tanks happening at a politically contentious spot in the community (tensions are
between community board and local business owners), hoping to use TT as a mediator on the
issue and further incorporate TT into community politics. Concern that by using the space at all
TT is taking sides on the issue.
Agenda Item: What do we do next/how do we get more life back into TT?
Every other Friday open space; non-facilitated think tank; grievance process;
Take advantage of lull to get transcript on the website; change schedule around
A case of stepping back slightly ; unless itʼs kind of needed ; all weʼre doing is talking to
the same five people; Thereʼs other who are doing think tank like actions; whatever ewe
do we should recapture that; revision
Basically there’s been a lull in the schedule and in people showing up, which has made for a
lack of activity in Zucotti. Some ideas thrown out (some people said similar things):
Evan, Marie: More mobile TTs!
Cristian: TTs on different subway lines, TT 2x a week
Aaron: We don’tneed to settle on a single mission even though we’ve sort of been operating
with one (as a discussion platform).
Stephanie: spoke with people from Occupy Curveball, who wanted to see if TT could have a
dedicated presence in the park 12-2 to be part of cultural activities/food happening in the park in
the coming weeks (12/31-n the air now whether OC really has its shit together).
Tim, Lily: Important question is to ask how whatever actions we take support the movement as a
whole, not just make us feel awesome.
Getting things out there; reinvesting our energy; Occupy Curveball; cultural events at
the park a lunch time outreach; theyʼre looking at it as outreach; weather part of it it; itʼs
supposed to start yesterday, what are theyʼre main activities; seeking out music;
How well organized; worth checking out; what theyʼre trying to do is in line with TT
efforts; useful to ask ourselves not ; look ourselves as an affinity; do we have a mission
Occupied Intelligence Agency – Original Name for Think Tank
; 4 part collection ; suggestion box; online; working group; recording;
outreach mobile tt; workshops get specific possible actions
In a way a traditional think tank; anyone in the world can take part in that
How best does the think tank working group support the occupation
Have a more steady presence somewhere; important to be somewhat consistency;
evangelicals in the port authority tunnels; if theyʼre involved ;
Train people to do think tanks; conversation re: action
Archiving things; are we planning one strategy?
Sunday Skype
Courtney: we need a steady, consistent presence somewhere. 2 days, 4 days, whatever–we
just need to stick with something.
Fred: acting more like an actual Think Tank–as in acting as a nonpartisan advocacy group
providing support to and engaging with communities throughout city. I wrote down
“Ghostbusters!” here but I’m not sure why. > Non partisan advocacy group; more deliberate
where we go and what we talk about; we pack up our things and go.
Some people from the north going to the south agitating the community
Rachel partnering with community organizations, maybe specifically to provide discussion
platform on specific community issues; Intrstd in tt partnering w/ community organization; a
little bit more formal; look at places w/ specific issues; tt on landmarking; e.g.; the
mosque downtown; address really current issue; to not always be so focused on the
Action Item from discussion: everyone come up with something they want to see or do in the
coming week and email it to the group. Will be mulled over this weekend during TT retreat; Put
out a vision of what the think tank can be/ should be what the tt can be could be moving
forward; anybody that can get it it over to Tim’s by Friday;
Outstanding issues:
ComHub compliance?
V&G statement: need to take time to read and review/discuss.
Non Sequiters:
Tim: Those people one table over are talking really intensely about salad and it makes me feel

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