Logistics meeting minutes 22nd January 2012

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Think Tank Logistics Meeting: 22nd January 2012


Attendees: Anthony, Stephanie, Emily, Ingrid, Anthony, Tim, Lily, Alma, Liz, Lauren



Report backs/Mobile Think Tanks

Rethinking schedule

Radio Think Tank

May 1st/May Day


Facilitation restructuring

New Left Forum

Citywide assembly


Report backs:

–       86th st accidental think tank – inquiry into potential curricula for a free school.  Meeting with pastor and community groups connected with the church Tuesday 6:30

–       FEAST: we didn’t get the funding :( but good experience for how to present think tank to potential funders.  Challenges were that the Think Tank doesn’t have obvious visual representation also that the crowd were not necessarily able to understand why these kinds of conversation were so transformative (e.g. not necessarily people who understand the issue of ‘not having your voice heard that is so important to the Think Tank function).  How do we think about applying for funding in a competitive field (discomfort with

–       DC – amazing think tank – massive presence and participation,

–       Occupy Town Square.  Looking good after the test run.  Hope to get a good Think Tank presence all day. So far we have Evan, Lily, Tim, Stephanie on the schedule. Preferably two more so we can be more or less covered all day: 11-5.

–       Occupy the Courts: not the most successful (facilitation not followed etc). Good march – 500 people or so.  Good talks at the rally.

–       In addition to accidental west park think tank been asked to do think tank at Park Slope as well.


Rethinking the Think Tank schedule:

–       Hannah proposed three days a way think tank – general think tank for a couple of hours in the park every day, then 3 addition ones: 1 for internal ows issues, 1 for think tank on a set topic, 1 for a mobile think tank.

–       What times would be good?

–       1-3 OR 5-7 for general (public) think tanks?

–       2-6 time works for internal OWS.



Radio Think Tank

–       Stephanie, Liz Daniel communicating about Radio think tank 1) posting raw footage 2) distilling conversation 3) seriously distilling conversation

–       How to deal with bias in editing

–       Proposal to post all raw audio and then add a distilled version of them.  Important to have a link to the raw footage.

–       Once a month

–       This is separate from the Sirius section – more like a podcast.

–       What segment length would work?  Seems wise to distill the conversation to represent the viewpoints expressed with minimum repetition.

–       Less than 20mins is too little. 30-45?

–       Start a queue of conversations that we want to highlight.  (DC!!!!!!!)

–       Use dropbox? File can also be emailed or uploaded straight to itunes.


May 1st

–       DA having endless conversations about the name. Controversy about the general strike.

–       Call out to Think Tankers to get involved in the DA meeting.

–       We need to get involved.  Occupy’s coming out party after the winter.

–       #M1

–       Challenge to a general strike – the American work ethic.  General strike can reaffirm this.  Idea of work in America could be a great Think Tank topic to do over and over again towards this.

–       Workplace lunch time think tanks?  As way of capturing workplace attention – Grand central/where people are having lunch breaks/asking friends and relatives if they might want to arrange a think tank at their workplace where people could bring their lunch?


Mobile Think Tanks

–       Bronx – Harry McNeary. Get stuff going right now in the Bronx – they want to have Think Tanks every day moving forward.

–       MATERIALS: we need a recorder for them.  Ask Michael, in the meantime suggest ipods

–       Have point persons in GAs across the city (like Cristian in Queens / Harry in the Bronx)

–       ACTION: Tim will have a conversation to set something up with Harry for this week’s mobile think tank (Saturday? Friday is citywide GA/Sunday is OTS)



–       ACTION: arrange specific meeting: Lily will email out about this/ ask other working groups


New Left Forum

–               Panel Suggestion due the 31st

–               Rob from NESRI – what to do

–               Possible fillers between panels?  One big think tank?

–                Suggest doing both?

–               Are we concerned about being preferential to the left (would we do this at the New Right Forum for example?)

–       We need to put people’s names on the panel proposal


Citywide General Assembly

–       Getting Think Tank’s involvement in the citywide assembly

–       Meeting Friday 27th Jan 6-9:30.  Judson Memorial Church




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