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Occupy Farms

Hello friends. As you may have seen on the Internet or news programming, the Occupy movement, a leaderless, apolitical people’s revolution, is entering its third month on this day, December 17th, 2011.

What you may not be familiar with is that a few weeks ago Occupy has begun to move out of the cities and into rural America in a brilliant display of solidarity with our nation’s heart: the small farms.

Occupier are taking back foreclosed farm land from major banking corporations. We are working in tandem with small, organic, sustainable farms and exchanging labor for food and supplies for the movement. The reasons behind this are numerous, but creating solidarity with humanity and building a sustainable system for the movement are core to this project.

We call on you, the student, to join in liberating farms from the tyranny of mad men.

We call on you to help support societies foundation of sustainability, the farm.

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