Living Occupy Farms Orientation Process for Woodstock, NY location

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-NYC pre-Farm meeting
-3 docs: Questionnaire, Checklist, Values Statement
-Questionnaire: Skill Set, how long staying, what you hope to learn/accomplish
-Checklist: recommended gear to bring, what to expect
-Values: vision of family and farm, manual labor, teaching example & retreat
-NVC & Facilitation training
-process overview
-de-escalation overview
-Farm 2-day orientation (begin Sundays and Wednesdays depending on availability)
-1st Day itinerary
-1st event (1/2-1hr): meet in house, personal introduction
-reference skill sets, people, group intro activity (why are you here?)
-2nd event (2-3hrs): tour property

-shit kicker or shit stomp? Leave No Trace msg, project people tour

        -3rd event (2 hrs): meet back up in house for group meeting & brainstorming
-overview of org model and current/planned projects
-4th event (1 hr): break out to help w/dinner prep, firewood
-mingle with tents, family, labor groups
-5th event (1-2 hrs): GA/Dinner
-possible report backs
-6th event (overnight): sleep with each other in newb tent
-fresh linen, blankets, bunks ready
2nd Day itinerary
-free time until GAD (6-7pm)
-optional horse training with videos and guide
-choose living situation, work groups, including creating new ones
-individual tents, military and house stays
-reference priority labor projects
3rd Day itinerary
-choose 1st week’s work schedule
-work, play and be merry

3 Responses to “Living Occupy Farms Orientation Process for Woodstock, NY location”

  1. Dawn Thomson

    Shazz and all: FYI that is shit kicker or plod tromper.haha Mark and Dawn

  2. Dawn Thomson

    BTW: Shit stomp is a whole different game, much like cow flop bingo, but a little more “feet on”.

  3. Bill Record

    I was at the meeting at the Unconference. I live in Kingston, NY, Mon to Friday. I could possibly help out with this project. I was raised on a small farm in the Finger Lakes Region of NY.
    Happy Holidays,
    Bill Record