Living Mission Statement

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  1. Introduction

Note: This is a living document and has NOT been consented upon yet by Occupy Farmland. It is a work in progress so anything you want to add or have in question please feel free to do so!

Occupy Farms is a group functioning from Maine and Vermont to Florida, and eventually world-wide, in order to create a sustainable food supply for the Occupy Movement. We wish to help farmers build and operate farms in exchange for internships through which we can support ourselves, learning sustainable growing practices, and to provide food for the movement. We want to work in solidarity with organic/biodynamic/permaculture farmers. We want to do what we can to support those farmers that have been hit very hard by our current economic crisis. We also ask, “What do our farmers need from us?” in exchange for housing, food for the movement, etc. in order to build solidarity and a mutually beneficial relationship for all.

Building sustainable relations with farms is vital for us to succeed with Occupy Farmland. So is building transportation and outreach networks. It doesn’t matter if you are already into farming or if you are just blossoming into it, this is our chance and our time to build a REAL foundation for the revolution.

  1. Mission

To provide a sustainable source of food for the movement, by creating and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with farmers.

  1. Vision

A society where everyone is provided with good, nutritious food grown by stewards of the land. A society where the connection between people are connected to and aware of their means of sustenance.

  1. What Occupy is asking for

A share of produce to be grown on the farms and distributed to the movement.
Quartering for workers.
Education for those without farm experience.

  1. What Occupy can supply


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