livetweets of November 5 2011 General Assembly at Liberty Square

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LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      4:37 PM
txt of last night’s #GeneralAssembly & #SpokesCouncil orientation cc @DiceyTroop @jopauca @OccupyWallSt @heratylaw #ows

heratylaw      11/05/2011      6:32 PM
Tonight’s #GeneralAssembly at #Zuccotti/ #LibertySquare will be covered by @LibertySqGA

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      6:59 PM
#ows #LibertySqGA #nycga General Assembly commences!

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:00 PM
um, in five minutes…

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:05 PM
Mic check! GA is now in session. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:07 PM
Nicole is co-facilitating, Theodora is co-facilitator, Stephan is stack greeter, Phil is stack taker. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:07 PM
Progressive stack gives people who haven’t spoken yet, or traditionally marginalized groups the chance to speak. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:08 PM
Greg? Is filling a now role. Facilitation Greeter! For anyone who has any questions. Ben is taking time. 2 mic waves tonight. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:10 PM
Important to know that this facilitation team is only empowered by the process of the #nycga. Facilitation meets every day at 4PM at 60 Wall

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:13 PM
We respect the process because we respect each other #nycga. Hand signals! Up-twinkle = Feeling good! Down-twinkle= don’t agree!

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:14 PM
mid-twinkle = neutral. C-with-hand= clarifying question! Usually taken on stack #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:15 PM
Point of Information = finger up! Used only if you have an actual fact that addresses the point b4 the GA #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:16 PM
triangle hands = point of process! PoP = someone is straying from the process, talking out of turn, etc. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:17 PM
Point of Information (PoI) and point of process (PoP) are non-verbal, not used to interrupt each other. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:18 PM
Arms crossed = block! Very serious! Don’t abuse the block! Block is used for serious safety/ethical concerns re a proposal #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:19 PM
Rolling hands = compassionately, lovingly letting speakers know that speakers can wrap it up. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:19 PM
Step up, then step back! Take leadership, say your piece, then step back and let other people lead/say their piece #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:20 PM
Check your privileges: gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, etc. and act accordingly. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:22 PM
Agenda: Proposals from town planning & mobile occupation, & breakout discussion re demands #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:22 PM
But comments that are racist, sexist, oppressive or disrespectful are not welcome #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:22 PM
Working group report-backs, announcements, and the soapbox (soapbox is not facilitated, say whatever you like #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:23 PM
Town planning proposal: Jordan presents proposal, asks for $19200 for army tents & shipping & lighting for tents #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:24 PM
These tents will be used for keeping us alive. Up-twinkles!!! Stack for clarifying questions (CQ) is open #nycga #ows

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:25 PM
Clarifying questions make the proposal more understandable (hopefully). Stack for concerns comes after CQs are over. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:25 PM
CQ: Where are the tents being bought.
A: I can’t answer that. Person who put proposal together can answer that. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:27 PM
CQ: What size of tents? How many of each?
A: All will be same size, I think. Same size as army tents already set up here. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:27 PM
We have 2 different sizes already erected. 16x16ft & 11x11ft.
A: Another question I don’t have answer for. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:28 PM
Proposal is being made b/c member of town planning can’t be here right now. But this is so important & pressing…

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:29 PM
…it was better to have an uninformed person making it.” (note, I did not see this on the proposals on the site this afternoon).

99LaRevolucion                     11/05/2011  7:29 PM
omg @LibertySqGA I finally understand all of the hand signs! I needed that tutorial! It’s like I’m sitting out there with you all!

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:30 PM
PoP: Person who made proposal can be here later (sounds like PoI, sorta). Can we move to end? Up-twinkles! Tabled. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:31 PM
Aim is to leave this weds, arrive 2 weeks later (love it!), the night congressional supercommittee announces its budge cuts #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:31 PM
Proposal 2: Michael from Mobile Occupation Working Group. Walking march from #Zuccotti to Macpherson in Washing DC! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:32 PM
and not tax the rich anymore. Along the way, we’ll meet up with #OccupyPhilly, %OccupyBaltimore, and anyone along the way. 230 miles! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:33 PM
Asking for money for ferry boat and megabus ticket back as well as modest eating allowance (20 miles a day). $750 #nycga If any left over…

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:34 PM
…we promise to return it. Also, would like official endorsement of this GA to use #OccupyWallStreet name! Spontaneous up-twinkles! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:35 PM
2 props, 2nd one first. Any concerns about using #OWS name? Please get on stack. Concern (C): has to do w reaction of both props #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:37 PM
b/c may she address both? Yes. She’s concerned about financial transparency (tbh, I didn’t understand her point) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:37 PM
Concern: This is a movement, not something concerned with copyrights (erm, he means trademarks), so people should be able to use the name #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:38 PM
C: Walking to DC & meeting other movements will show solidarity/commitment. That is all! #nycga Not technically a concern, but thank you!

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:39 PM
Concern: using #OWS tag is “branding” that should not occur in a true horizontal democracy. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:40 PM
Answer: we’re not trying to use the brand for any licensing purposes (i think the point was more about not having to ask permission) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:41 PM
photo of facilitators tonight:

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:42 PM
Question: How many people have signed up? (PoP, not a concern) Stairs: You guys should talk later; right now we’re focused on this prop.

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:43 PM
Concern about getting to Washington DC w/out getting arrested. Stairs: Concerns should be about current proposal. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:44 PM
No more concerns. Opening stack for friendly amendments.
FA: “To rep #ows, people just make signs that say #OWS, but no formal endorsement.”

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:45 PM
That way it’s same thing. Gives other cities as much right to the movement as if it didn’t start here. Shows that we are unified #nycga

BahInjustice   11/05/2011      7:46 PM
Check out @LibertySqGA for livetweets of #generalassembly

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:47 PM
OccupyHighway1? FA declined, respectfully.
FA: Can we give this particular march a name? #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:47 PM
Three waves now! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:48 PM
PoP (sort of): Stairs: we’re spending too long on whether marchers are occupiers. Therefore, let’s move we feel OK w prop. #nycga

blogdiva        11/05/2011      7:50 PM
#OWS #NYCGA RT @OccupyWallSt: Check out @LibertySqGA for livetweets of #generalassembly

ProgressMich  11/05/2011      7:51 PM
@LibertySqGA Occupy Highway 1 is inspired!

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:51 PM
FA: “Suggests considering OccupytheNation” Stairs: It’s up to proposer to consider that friendly or not. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:52 PM
Proposer: Maybe in 2012. Therefore, respectfully decline. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:53 PM
Another proposal for a new name, respectfully declined. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:53 PM
FA: “How about just OccupyWallStreetonTheMove”. Proposer: We’re calling it OccupyWallStreettoDC #nycga

Mgouldwartofsky 11/05/2011  7:56 PM
Latest via @LibertySqGA: Proposal from Mobile Occupation. Walking march from #LibertyPlaza to Macpherson Square in Washington DC #ows #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:56 PM
Now it’s just about the monetary part: stock is open #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:56 PM
Proposer gets it, permission is not needed b/c it is a leaderless movement, withdraws request for permission. Cheers! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:58 PM
CQ: How many miles?
A: 231.
CQ: Will money be used for supplies/clothes/raingear, etc.
A: Everyone has stuff like that. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      7:59 PM
CQ: Costs estimated per person, if more people join, will the budget need to be increased?
A: Right now, about 10-15 people have signed up. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:00 PM
cont: More people are welcome to join, but if $ number seems unsustainable, we might ask for more money. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:01 PM
CQ: How much money do we have right now, total? not answered… ? Finance knows, they’re not here. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:02 PM
(we should really get a finance report everyday b4 GA because that comes up every time) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:02 PM
(hard to make financial decisions without know what the finances are) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:02 PM
CQ: Can receipts be kept and provided to GA on return?
A: Yes! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:04 PM
PoI: The Red Cross sells first aid kits that aren’t very expensive, if you want to go that route (relates to emergencies) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:05 PM
CQ: What if someone uses #OWS maliciously? (pity the fool!)
A: PoP, not addressing the prop, but thanks for question. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:06 PM
No more clarifying questions. B4 concerns, we have a time-sensitive announcement #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:07 PM
Ann: Right now, there will be a march to 1 Police Plaza in support of people who were arrested, wrongfully, and abused by #NYPD #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:08 PM
March leaves #Zuccotti right now from Liberty & Broadway. It will be a peaceful march! The #NYPD knows this peaceful, working 2gether #nycga

ProgressMich  11/05/2011      8:09 PM
Occupy Wall Street planning walk to DC timed with Supercommittee decision

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:09 PM
Stairs: Please, only facilitators to be using “mic check”, thank you.

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:10 PM
Concern: Whether GA giving money makes statement re position relating to power coming from DC, whether recognizes DC as an authority…

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:11 PM
…might be counterproductive.
A: Just trying to be respectful of all the people here… (i think i may have lost the thread of that) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:12 PM
Concern: budget too low for safety of marchers, can we triple the amount?
A: I’m cool with that. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:13 PM
Stairs has a clarifying question! Can some of the marchers fund themselves?
A: Not exactly, but if you want to do that, that’s cool #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:14 PM
FA: Can we have a reserve in case of a medical emergency?
A: I’m cool with that. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:15 PM
FA: Would rather there be a per person amount of $, flexible so we can take care of people who join up. Stairs: Come back w new #s.
A: OK #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:16 PM
Mobile Occupation will re-propose on Tuesday. (March going by! All day! All week! Occupy Wall Street!) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:17 PM
March to 1 Police Plaza! Right now!

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:18 PM
Demands working group offers to table their proposal to show solidarity with march! Up-twinkles!!!!! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:20 PM
(someone expressed concern that ppl there tonight won’t be there tmrw) Stairs: If the working group decides to table their proposal, that is between them and facilitation. @nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:21 PM
(Demands WG is talking to their other people and want to come back after Town Planning to let GA know if it wants to table til tmrw) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:23 PM
(ps sorry about all the typos!) #nycga



LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:26 PM
Report-backs! Community Watch. Change in process: in the camp, occupiers were depositing laundry for laundering #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:26 PM
Town Planning isn’t here, so their proposal is tabled until another time (also, it wasn’t listed as a proposal on FWIW) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:27 PM
… due to request of dept of sanitation, we removed the laundry. People in park believe there is a process for laundry. There is not.

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:28 PM
You are responsible for your own laundry as of tonight. Proposal will be made for process to help w/ laundry #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:29 PM
PoI: Procedure that anyone can take-up, to coordinate laundry volunteers, we just need volunteers. Look for Laura at the library.

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:30 PM
Arts & Culture: James: 2 things. Tmrw at 1pm in Union Sq, artist has permit for assembly, meet there a@ 1pm tmrw. #nycga Be there!

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:31 PM
Item 2: 195 Tenth Ave (?), {Printed Matter), will have #OWS art in their window, please contribute your art! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:32 PM
Environmental Solidarity Group: 330pm teach-in w #OccupyWhiteHouse (& others, I missed it), be part of march at 2pm (???)

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:32 PM
Light Source Working Group: An event (w Nov 11 events) for large conversation b/w all the people’s assemblies. Express who we are…

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:33 PM
Working on video based on Immortals plotline, but tells #OWS story, please help w the video, meet @ red thing after GA #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:34 PM
(by Red thing, he doesn’t mean the Red Thing, he means the Red Cube across the street).

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:34 PM
Environmental Solidarity, 330pm tmrw at the (real) Red Thing. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:35 PM
Demand WG is here, wants to table their prop until tmrw so they can march to 1 Police Plaza in solidarity #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:35 PM
(Passing out Q&As for tmrw, I will try to get one) Link to doc here: #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:36 PM
Bobby from Town Planning (& Sanitation, which he says is much cooler) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:37 PM
Bobby: People want serious shelter. We ordered 7 tents. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:37 PM
Bobby: We have 2 other 11×11 tents for affinity groups that paid for the tents. 2 medical army tents will b set up tmrw. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:38 PM
Tents are needed for a more stable and safer community, keep us safe from elements. The tents are badass. Proposal: order 10 more 16×16…

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:39 PM
plus 10 more 11×11. These would be #ows communal tents for a safe space. Nighttime for sleep, daytime for education & working groups. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:40 PM
Working groups that want some space should contact Town Planning through the info table. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:41 PM
Lighting for tents will be through bicycle-powered generators. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:41 PM
Shhhh, I’m not transcribing that last part, shhhhh! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:41 PM
Total proposal for tents is $19,200. $9500 for large tents. Rest for small tents, shipping, etc. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:42 PM
Clarifying questions, stack is open!
CQ: I’m new here, who are all the groups?
A: Please talk to facilitation greeter, thank you! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:43 PM
CQ: How many people can fit in the tents?
A: Maybe 20? But we need to figure it out, we don’t know exactly yet. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:44 PM
CQ: Where will the tents be set up?
A: TP can’t make anyone do anything. Tent WG will talk to current occupiers about moving into the tents

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:45 PM
A: (cont) where working groups are right now, they can have a tent there (if they want one). This is sensitive and has to be done correctly. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:45 PM
2 quick “yes or no” CQs: Does budget include holding down tents? And… What % of park will be covered by tents? #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:46 PM
A: 1st question, NO. We forgot that the last time. We used buckets filled with water, we still need sand. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:50 PM
Guy just offers 3 or 4 tons of sand for buckets to keep the tents grounded. Yay, cheers! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:46 PM
2nd question: No! (laughs). Coordination is all we can do. If they don’t fit b/c people don’t want the tents, we’ll have extras. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:48 PM
CQ: re floor of tents, are they insulated?
A: There is a waterproof layering. Under that, there are awesome black plastic pallets for insulation.

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:48 PM
CQ: Not really a CQ, but electrician offering his services.
A: Awesome! @nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:49 PM
Stairs: if anyone else has services to offer, please see Town Planning after GA, thank you! #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:50 PM
CQ: What about security?
A: We’ll be working with each tent to provide security.
Stack is closed for CQ. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:51 PM
CQ: Where are you buying the tents?
A: From Geri & Garry (?), husband and wife team with a lot of cool stuff. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:52 PM
Concerns. C: Concerned that people who are sleeping may become insulated socially. Would b great if there was population flow. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:52 PM
… to avoid cliques.
A: That sounds more like a friendly amendment. @nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:53 PM
Guy who offered sand also has a 24-foot geodome that he is willing to part with for a reasonable time. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:54 PM
Investment in tents needs to come with investment in outreach for the people who live at the park. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      10:57 PM
FA: Feasible to have 1 person per WG from each tent agree to spend the night & be in contact with security WG?

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      10:57 PM
A: yes

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:55 PM
C: If you have surplus tents, will you keep them here or send them to other occupations?
A: That would be a proposal for the GA. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:55 PM
Stairs: No more concerns. Friendly amendments now…
FA: To avoid looking too military, can we tie-dye them and decorate them beautiful

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:56 PM
A: Swoon (!!!) has offered to decorate the tents and she and her crew has refused to take any money! #nycga #graffiti #woot

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:57 PM
FA: Back to flow of people.
A: During the day, they are communal, Working groups will use them, personal belonging are packed away #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:58 PM
(wow, I can’t believe Swoon will be decorating the tents, that’s major) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      8:58 PM
cont Might be different for the safe space and transgendered tents, not sure. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      9:00 PM
A: Tent WG is already planning stuff like that. #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      9:00 PM
FA: Have meetings with the people who live here, have unofficial meetings for people who don’t like meetings, or any $$ tonight will be wasted.

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      9:02 PM
FA: Lynn works in the community, feeds us. Completely against people planning to put up tents b/c they didn’t communicate w her, took her space

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      9:02 PM
Lynn says GA is not the voice of the people. (Not sure that this was b4 the GA before)
A: We’re democratic movement, no personal property here.

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      9:03 PM
PoP: The way I understand facilitation process, 1 person speaks for 1-2 minutes by him/herself, then the other person responds.

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      9:04 PM
(addressing a yelling person, asking him to respect the fact that we’re in a meeting, then we will talk to you) #nycga

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      9:04 PM
(yelly guy still yelling)

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      10:57 PM
Stairs: we’re going to respect the process (ps @DiceyTroop dubbed the facilitators as “stairs” b/c they would stand on stairs to facilitate)

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:10 PM
sorry, twitter jail. March is coming back from 1 Police Plaza, can hear those blocks away! #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:12 PM
FA: it seems that some people are forgetting that we are here as a joint community in a public space and the stuff here doesn’t belong to them personally.

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:13 PM
Straw poll after we restate the proposal. Proposal is $19,200 for 20 army tents, lighting & shipping. #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:15 PM
Straw poll: lots of good feelings. 3 people feel badly. Any blocks? 5 blocks… #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:16 PM
Block 1: I don’t see how $19K is going to benefit everybody when only a few are getting in the tents.
A: They’re open to everyone! #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:17 PM
Block 1 is iffy on removing the block.
Block 2 (Lynn): won’t specify what her block is.
Block 3: How many people here stay in the park? #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:18 PM
Someone says it’s not fair to vote b/c ppl who stay at #Zuccotti aren’t there to vote.
PoI: Everyone who stays in the park should come to the GA every single night, it is your responsibility! #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:19 PM
Block 4: Serious ways this proposal will affect the social dynamics in this park. Doesn’t feel they have the time now to decide right now.

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:20 PM
A: “I don’t think we can wait, there’s too much violence, drug use, and behind-closed-doors activity. Violence is bad. This prop has been…

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:20 PM
…discussed with hundreds of people.” Lynn is really upset, but won’t specify her block. #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:21 PM
Block 5: My only concern is for financial transparency. I agree that we need these tents. Want to see receipts. #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:22 PM
A: everything requires receipts, will provide them. (Lynn still upset, interrupting everyone…) #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:23 PM
(oh no, is this being tabled too, will we have no consensus tonight?) #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:24 PM
PoI: Current proposal is simply asking for money. Lynn still yelling. #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:26 PM
Stairs: Are there any more blocks that have gone unspoken? No…. OK, so, is anyone lifting their blocks? @nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:27 PM
Stairs: People who had blocks spoke to those blocks, conversation can’t go on forever. People might want to move toward possible consensus #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:28 PM
Stairs: 1 block lifted, the rest remain. 4 blocks, we’re moving toward modified consensus. MC strives for 90% feeling good to pass proposal.

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:29 PM
voting… just need somewhere around 40 to overcome blocks, looks like we have it…. #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:30 PM
They have their counts. Guy asks if he’s going to miss anything if he goes to take a shit… He stays. People laugh. #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:31 PM
Sorry, was wrong, the blocks don’t determine the # of up-votes we need. #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:32 PM
proposal passed! 73 people for, 3 against. Process: If blocks are not lifted, a vote is taken. Ups are counted, and then separately, downs are counted.

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:33 PM
down-votes are not the same as blocks. In this case, there were 4 blocks but only 3 down-votes. Not sure how that happened. #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:33 PM
B from #OccupyBoston wants to talk about movement-building.

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:34 PM
Reed is here with Rip from #OccupyRichmond, wants to talk about movement-building too. #OccupyBoston suggests they do it together. Yay!

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:35 PM
meet at the Red Cube right after assembly.

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:35 PM
New working group creating life-based internet infrastructure. Know anything about complexity theory, electromagnetism, or neuroscience…

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:36 PM
Racinga(?), Kia, Zeta, here from Denmark. 12 yrs ago friends in Copenhagen were turned down (?) and have had an occupation there ever since.

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:37 PM
Really proud to be here at #LibertySquare they are proud of us for inspiring the whole world. Can’t give up! Keep up the good spirit!

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:38 PM
Someone is organizing a nationwide boycott on gasoline. He just got the idea about 10 minutes ago, meet him by the Red Cube after GA

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:38 PM
Tmrw at 60 Wall, trade justice group will meet to plan solidarity actions with #OccupySeoul, see you there (didn’t say time)

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:39 PM
Lady has brought 150 whistles to combat the security issues here at #Zuccotti! #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:40 PM
Ending with a unity clap, starting slow and getting faster. Let’s go! The echoes off these building are pretty cool!

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:40 PM
OK! No more announcements. GA is formally coming to a close. Stairs reminds us of all the good work we did today! Got stuff done! #nycga

LibertySqGA2 11/05/2011      9:41 PM
Ok, I’m outta here! G’night folks!

BrooklynOWS 11/05/2011      9:42 PM
@LibertySqGA what happens to the updates?

heratylaw      11/05/2011      9:43 PM
sorry, @LibertySqGA was in twitter jail, additional tweets at @LibertySqGA2 (cc @diceytroop @jopauca @blogdiva @occupywallst @OccupyWallStNYC)

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      10:58 PM
RT @jopauca: Right now in front of City Criminal court on 100 centre Street #ows

LibertySqGA   11/05/2011      11:02 PM
@Tradcone How big is huge? Also includes shipping/transport and lighting system. Reply to @LibertySqGA ?

emst             11/05/2011      11:18 PM
@LibertySqGA great work on your first GA! thank you!

Malarkaeologist 11/05/2011    11:45 PM
RT @LibertySqGA: New portapotties are in “a loading dock which is safe and secure w/ professional security at all times.” #nycga #ows

nikvarrone     11/05/2011      11:46 PM
Don’t trust the lamestream media for news on @OccupyWallSt: Check out @LibertySqGA for livetweets of #generalassembly ” go to the source.

heratylaw      11/6/2011        12:09 AM
TY! Actually @DiceyTroop covered GA last night, I posted txt doc here: @emst: @LibertySqGA great work on your first GA!

heratylaw      11/6/2011        12:10 AM
RT @nikvarrone: Don’t trust the lamestream media for news on @OccupyWallSt: Check out @LibertySqGA for livetweets of #generalassembly ” go to the source.

heratylaw      11/6/2011        12:11 AM
We’ll try to post them as txt for Minutes Working Group, like: @BrooklynOWS: @LibertySqGA what happens to the updates?

heratylaw      11/6/2011        12:16 AM
@emst But tonight was my first go at covering GA as @LibertySqGA. So thanks!

emst             11/6/2011        12:24 AM
@heratylaw @LibertySqGA yep, I knew @diceytroop is in Boston tonight so tonight’s GA must have been a new tweeter. Much appreciated!

heratylaw      11/6/2011        12:25 AM
RT @emst: @heratylaw @LibertySqGA yep, I knew @diceytroop is in Boston tonight so tonight’s GA must have been a new tweeter. Much appreciated!

LibertySqGA   11/6/2011        1:06 AM
Meant down-votes aren’t same as blocks, will post corrected txt tmrw. @LibertySqGA2: down-votes are the same as blocks. #nycga

DiceyTroop    11/6/2011        1:46 AM
RT @emst: @heratylaw @LibertySqGA yep, I knew @diceytroop is in Boston tonight so tonight’s GA must have been a new tweeter. Much appreciated!


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