List Ideas for How We Can Process Offers of Help

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I will try to edit this doc

But, please treat it as something real (not just a test)

Purpose of this Doc

Test the new web site features, but also do real work wrt coordinating offers of help.

Features in the current version to help finding volunteers

Enter your skills in your profile

  1. From the Top Navigation Menu, go to “My Account > Profile > Edit”
  2. Enter your skills separated by commas
  3. After all is working each “skill” listed becomes a link and clicking the link will return a list of all members who have listed that skill.

Project-centric listing?

Project-centric listing would be great. Though I’m not sure how technical we can get, with BP. Maybe this is another app we can tie in?

1. The project is entered in the Project listing.
2. Project listing includes skills needed and how many +people might be required.
3. Volunteers sign up to projects.
4. When the # of people required join a project, it alerts members.
5. Members reconfirm their availability and agree to meet

*I’ve proposed this type of project-centric app to the Arts & Culture Committee, but still waiting to hear back. I find all groups need a kind of automated system to help them with projects at the occupation and at the General Assembly.

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  1. drron

    When I created this document, I was thinking about people wanting to help with the website, but any project would have similar needs in terms of being able to process “volunteer” efforts. In a future release we may want to investigate making projects a “custom post type.” FYI A custom post type is like a blog post, but it is likely to not appear in the flow of regular blog posts, as opposed to having it’s own “view” similar to a listing of posts within a specific category. Custom post types have their own set of custom fields, which makes them well suited for catalog types of entries, e.g. a library of books or a catalog of films with reviews.

    If we do consider projects as a custom post type, I suggest we stick to very minimal functionality, e.g. project name, short description, tags, and a link to wherever the details of the project are actually being managed. We should not be creating our own project management system.

    I am imagining a “many to many” relationship between groups and projects, i.e. zero to many groups may participate in a project and each group may be connect to zero to many projects. A project with zero groups involved would be an “orphan.” The number of groups connected with a project would be an interesting variable as a possible filter.

  2. todd

    Please review this tool/approach that was just offered up to the e-mail list (key info pasted below). the dev says it would be easy to make “checkbox list” of working groups interested in to make form generic or look to creating one per working group so they can have their own interview questions for the form.

    I called and spoke with Mark Pruce about what he just prototyped and put online, it can be secured to where the result form is view-able by people who have been invited to the resulting spreadsheet with the volunteer data.

    IMHO this would be somthing to start using NOW, and then as FLO can take the activity as a job jar activity (and ID where it will run), this would be an application a php developer would be able to create very quickly, but it would require a programmer each new group that came online.

    From what I understand the google UI for setting this was was easy to use. A forwarding URL that is specific can be set up or just simply linking to the google URL to keep it simple.

    — snip —
    I created this simple Google Doc Form to gather all volunteers’ information in one place. Please excuse the lame template – it was done in 10 minutes because I think we need something like this.
    Unless anyone has any strong objections – I say anyone with an interest in volunteering should be sent to fill out this form and the next time anyone from the working group has a need for a specific skill, they can go reference the spreadsheet.
    As noted in the form’s instructions: all information is open to the public (and saved in a google doc), so people are urged to keep that in mind if listing a phone number, for example. Anyone can see it but no one except me can edit it because I don’t think there will be a need for that.
    Speak up if you think this is a terrible idea, otherwise – fill it out if you have skills to volunteer.
    The results spreadsheet is set to be available to anyone with a link – which means it should not show up in search results or anything, but all you need to do it click on the link below or fill out the form itself to see the results:
    — snip —

  3. jakedeg

    The UI to make a Google Form is definitely easy and I do think it is a good way to begin a spreadsheet full of people with specific relevant skills who want to help. This is the same thing we did the other day to find WordPress Plugin devs. I made a google for that was linked to a spreadsheet and we sent it out on the Google Group, @Occupywallstreet twitter account, and on craigslist. We got about 16 responses right now.

  4. antonioserna

    I’ve been looking for a super simple first-step solution for a collaborative project proposing plug-in. (Not to be confused with project managements tool) So far I found a simple solution based on advice from a discussion thread.

    The idea is to use a simple classified plug-in with WP. The plug-in that I found and tested was “your classified Ads” plug-in.

    Through customizing of fields people can POST the following:

    1- PROJECTS (proposed) Users list projects for the GA, along with the scope, budget, and research, etc. Other users then can join the project that they like as a team member. Once a project has the require number of members it need a team is formed to actually start working on the project. Users can also contribute tips/suggestion in the process. After a project is complete, details can be pluged back into the project description for record and reference for other projects.

    2- SKILLS OFFERED – users can offer skills. Unlike profile skills which list ALL SKILLS. This allows people to list publicly the skills they are CURRENTLY offering. Say of all my skills I want to do a book/pamphlet design, i would list that only. Once they are contacted for that skill they can remove the “skill ad”

    2- ITEMS OFFERED – Similar to skills offered, people post items. Like for example I have a laser printer, I can put it up for offer.

    3. SKILLS WANTED – Besides project-concentric postings, the same users can post SKILLS WANTED, this ad would hit those people with skills who don’t care about what that the project theme is, arts, health, outreach.

    4. – ITEMS WANTED – similar to skills wanted.

    I came up with this for use in the Arts & Culture committee, but feel like it can be applied to all.