Library working group meeting minutes–8 April 2012

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Library Working Group Meeting
April 8, 2012
6 pm Union Square near the Gandhi Statue, in the sunlight

present: Frances, Max, Aaron, Zach, Sarah, Nick, Betsy, Amy, Darah (+1 whose name I didn’t get)


  • Union Square
  • Carmine Street
  • Mobile Library: Aaron
  • MayDay
  • SIS update
  • Tucson update
  • Library Thing
  • Illuminator update
  • Governor’s Island opportunity


Union Square (Darah)

shit’s been going down at Union Square. we consense that members of the library working group are authorized to act on behalf of/in the best interests of the library. Other people who claim to be librarians but are not an active part of the library working group are not empowered to move our shit, deface/destroy our signs etc.


Carmine St. update

following from above, let’s get together a list of folks who are authorized to be in charge of this space. Not cool for anybody to walk in, claim to be a librarian etc. since the meeting I’ve chatted with Jim and India, they want people who will be there and taking responsibility for the space, they want a list of

names of working group folks who will bottomline management of the space. they want some community agreements/rules. let’s get that together for them.


SIS update

SIS is closing, we need to have everything out by the end of the month. Nick is going to get on the list. Theoretically we should be able to get in between 10am and 8 pm. Monday at 10am we will begin packing up the books. Saturday we will have a work day at SIS to get stuff moved out. Evidence needs to be secured. Estimating 1000-2000 books, where to store it all? Zach will follow up with Margarita about possible space. Frances will follow up with Dallas about a van.



we need to keep updating LibraryThing with new titles received. if anyone needs training, we can train you up.


Mobile Library

Aaron’s got great ideas for a mobile library that could be parked near Union Square.


May Day

continued discussion from last week. we want a presence at stationary areas–Foley Square, Union Square—to be there with a setup. Marchers want a mobile library. Who wants to do what?



Monday April 16th in Sunset Park. 414 45th Street 6-8 pm at the Lutheran Church. Fliers are forthcoming.







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