Working Group Meeting Minutes 11/13/11

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November 13, 2011, 6 pm, People’s Library

Laura= facilitator, Jaime=time, Sean=stack, Betsy=minutes
also present: Zach L, Stephen B, Bill, Scales, Michele, Charlie, Hristo, Danny, James, +1 visitor

Review of signs


  • Thanks from Occupy Cinema
  • Wall Street walking Tour information


Library & Archives strengthening ties

No one is present from Archives. Zach has training in archives and has been doing some individual collecting.  Betsy: we need more connection with archives esp concerning what happened at Spokes. Jaime: also an archivist by training, would be happy to train others in the library. Michele: maybe work with them in Spokes. Scales: issue with transparency, archives is cool.
-maybe share a meeting @60 Wall for co-ordinating?

Safer Spaces & accountability

[referring to document emailed last week requesting library’s support of Safer Spaces accountability proposal] They request that everyone agree to a set of community standards and protocols for how to respond to create safe open space. community guidelines regarding assault, violation of boundaries, anti-oppression training etc. (proposal passed around for review) what about enforcement? that goes to the peace council. anything involving mediation requires at least two members of the WG to be involved in resolution. The document calls for commitment to consent, anti-oppression, conflict resolution and accountability.

Because not everyone has had a chance to read and review the document, please read, review and communicate your feelings about the proposal to Michele within 48 hours. We hope to move toward consensus on this by Wednesday.

Sleeping arrangements

B: the last 2 nights have been crazy, 8 or 9 people came through looking for a place to sleep. Folks have been saying ok to their friends. the concern is that we don’t want to have too many people promised they can sleep in the library. Idea: creating a sign-in sheet and limit it to 7-10 people. another possibility= close the front of the library and add another tent. SB: if it snows, it’ll be more important to sleep inside. Scales: good idea, also good to keep track of people. doesn’t like the idea of tents in tents. D: establish a number and come to consensus. Z: when people are sleeping here who aren’t from the library, they leave their stuff and it gets in the way. they can sleep here, but they can’t store their stuff. SB: let’s set up some house rules: clean up, be gone by a certain time, help us clean the library. Scales: proposal–5 bodies, no storage of stuff, out by 9 or 10am. D: thinks it’s up to occupiers to decide. SB: the people last night were trying to go to bed early no one could come in. they need to be flexible with library hours. Scales: library opening & closing hours as agenda item.


Scales: Should be library duty to educate & empower, how to reach out and promote education. discussion. D: readers advisory & report back on Pratt speaking engagement. B: we have a lot to do as librarians, let’s reach out to Education/Empowerment WG. we don’t have enough resources, let other WGs shoulder some of that burden. Z: library numbers have dwindled. J: take books put them in a bag & distribute/collect throughout the park. if you’ve got an idea for education/empowerment, just do it. Scales: we don’t have to bring everything to the meeting, just do it.

DA training

Jaime would like to offer library DA training (upsparkles). Maybe next Sunday afternoon, she’ll get back to us about time (maybe 4 or 5 pm)

Library hours

We reached consensus on library hours being from 10 am – 1 am with built in flexibility.


Movement building going to Egypt discussion. We tried to nominate WG members, their eligibility & willingness. Lots of people want to go, but who has a valid passport, language skills, DA training etc. Break out group discussion. Some people had to leave for another meeting. Betsy, Bill & Stephen went to 60 Wall & invited the archives group to join us next Sunday for the first 10-15 mins of our meeting.

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