Working Group Meeting Minutes 2/12/12

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peoples library working group meeting minutes
12 February 2012, 6 pm
60 Wall Street, Atrium

present: Amy, Anthony, Betsy, Captain, Chantal, Esther, Germ, Hristo, Jaime, James, Scales
facilitation: Jaime, minutes: Betsy




James: People’s Library branch at Project Carmine, at Un-oppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books. The space we’re using is currently about 60% cleaned out– still lots of work to do. Receiving donations from Jim (store owner). Donation box not set up yet. Carmine St. is open 12-midnight every day. It’s going well. 34 Carmine. Q: do we have the sign from Molly? A: No. but there’s a great piece of wood shaped like a rainbow that has great potential. Everybody should go & introduce themselves if they haven’t already. Room enough to have space for a donation box for Archives, let’s set that up.

Town Square at 86th Street yesterday went really well.

[POI food! — break for food]

Germ & James about Occupy Town Square. We got lots of books, gave away books. Got lots of isbns thx Darragh. Dancing, food, not many vendors. It was great.

Scales: building a mobile library out of wood. pictures on flickr @ $cales. It still doesn’t have wheels. Q: what about wheels from sustainability? A: No. Q: timesup? A: no. Scales has some connections at a local bike shop. if that doesn’t work he might just buy wheels. His brother works w/prometheus radio project. help communities set up radio stations. He’s creating a podcast to extend the open forum we had at the park in a mobile format. Would like aesthetic input from the group thinking of covering it with whiteboard. Discussion ensues: whiteboard vs. chalkboard. Scales: encourages ppl to be involved in design aspects, concerns w/functionality. construction’s happening in PA. can be pulled by anything.

Betsy: consortium going well, connected w/ lots of libraries. website now up at have made contacts in Chicago. Looking ahead to May, does anybody know anybody in/around Chicago?


Esther: 1st bicycle coalition mtg on wednesday. getting bikes for marches & actions. bike w/trailer for medical supplies why not for library too. Next meeting = tuesday @ 3 pm 60 Wall.

There’s another event on Tuesday from noon at Washington Square Park– who are you in bed with.

Town Square next weekend– Tompkins Sq. Park next Saturday w/book donations especially Spanish language for Tucson book bomb: seems to be going well. Frances not here, but 3/1 (to be confirmed) event at WordUp. Status of books in SIS? don’t open boxes. haven’t received books promised for Tucson yet.

We filed a claim against the city. in order to work within the legal system we had to put dollar amts. what wld we do with the money/hypothetical/30 days to respond then we actually sue.

Jaime: There will be a meeting about corner libraries with Colin at Center for Book Arts, 28 w. 27th street, 3rd floor, on Tuesday the 14th (valentine’s day) at 6pm.

Jaime: Chicago G8/NATO May 18-21

May 1st events here and in Chicago. those of us who want to go, work as an affinity group for that event. as library serving 2 functions circulation (backpack full of books you can carry on yr back for 3 days) reference: answering lots of questions. including radical reference desk set, queerty, urban libraries. lots of ppl are going to go we shld invite other pple

replicating at the RNC. contact info for librarians or if yr going anyway get info to Jaime. & if you’re going decide & let her know. nice to have medics.

start thinking aboutt if you can go. then what level of action/arrestability level you have WAY in advance so we can co-ordinate. also how are we going to get there. Esther’s going. affinity grp formation for those actions.

planning meeting in Connecticut (where? when?).

if more people can go to DA meetings please do: Tuesdays at 5:30 60 Wall St. 2x/week.

James wants to build a backpack./good reason to look into bikes & trailers. frame packs/mobility can be ltd in certain sits. frame packs but not pack it that heavy./all that’s down the road.

When to get to Chicago? structural stuff starts 5/1 but there’s also stuff going on in NYC. we need ppl here too.

librarians are badass. Patriot Act, Connecticut 4. (background info here: Discussion of perceptions of librarians.

Scales: blog presence shld be enhanced Q: want us making decisions on the blog instead of email? A: Yes important in terms of transparency

blog: esther wants access & so do others. email addresses & numbers exchanged.


meeting over

thanks everybody!

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