Library working group meeting minutes–11 March 2012

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Working Group Meeting Minutes 3/11/12

Present: Darah, Charlie, Jamie, D., Rami, Mandolin, Shoeshine, Eric, Betsy, Mark, +1

  • Rami joins working group
  • Community Agreements: tabled for this week (Betsy)
  • Bookstore update: Teddy bought us paint (thanks Teddy!), the space is almost ready. Having this space is really positive. it’s great there. Jim is super-cool. It is AWESOME. party planning soon (Darah)
  • SIS Update: books are being catagorized (Charlie) and boxed. SIS is being shown for rental. If it’s rented out we’ll have 15 days notice.
  • Metrocards: 5 people are currently receiving metrocards–Charlie, Darah, Germ, James and Chantel. Does everyone who receives them really need them? are we cool with who’s receiving them. discussion. Kickstarter to get metrocards for the library? discussion pro & con kickstarters. what about other library money. GA money is going to run out in the next week or two. Why are we even having these meetings & posting minutes and being beat down by bureaucracy just to prove that we’re a working group so we can get 5 metro cards and money that doesn’t exist. What about our own library accounts. is there any money left in WePay? Why are we doing this? let’s stop. it sucks. kickstarter/money discussion to be continued next week.
  • Bike Coalition, Nomad Committee (?) (Mandolin) must attend safety training to get hooked up with a bike. Darah will step up for the training.
  • Illuminator kicks ass (Betsy)
  • DA updates (Jaime)
    Thursday @ 3pm Bike Coalition @ Liberty Park
    Tuesday @ 6 pm Directory Meeting 388 Atlantic–someone should go to this and get the training.
    Thursday around 3:15 meet at Winter Garden for a BofA action
    This Friday is the first closing bell march, they’ll be happening every Friday from now on. Meet at the park at 2pm for sign making & organizing, after 3pm get ready for theatrics.
    Saturday M17 is our 6 month-iversary/St. Patrick’s day. A high arrest kind of day–get Jaime your details for jail support.
    19th: foreclosure action in the Bronx
    25th: Brooklyn pop-up Town Square
    You too can attend DA meetings! Tuesdays at 5:30. May day meetings are Wednesday at 6:30 33 W14th and Saturdays at Judson.
    the next re-occupation meeting is on the 22nd. Want real deets? Talk to Jaime IRL.
  • Next week we meet in the park!

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