Kitchen meeting minutes for 1/3

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Announcement from Kelly from Accounting:
Joshua had trouble reconciling Kitchen’s receipts at the end of the last week because several people didn’t turn in their receipts to him.
Accounting cannot continue financing Kitchen’s budget as it exists now. Need a new budget.
Proposing that Kitchen set times for 3 meals a day, and a fixed menu – interrupted by many’s opposition to the fixed menu as it’s decided by donations, which are unpredictable.
Extensive discussion covering a wide array of topics, very chaotic, un-facilitated.
Finally Kelly left, telling us that Accounting needs the following from us:

  • A plan to reduce the budget.
  • Whether or not we want people to come to us with proposals for food/budget.
  • Who are our 2 financial officers.
  • Whether we’re picking up Restricted Diets.
  • What we need from Accounting to help us.

Will is now facilitating.


Jordan wants to know if the group has a boss, and if things consensed upon can be changed afterwards if one of the consensees changes their mind. The group answers “no” on both counts.

Joshua has a new budget for just under $6,000, planned with Kelly, Ice and others. It nixes specific funds for churches and other feeding programs, reducing the budget just to three mass meals a day, plus MetroCards and a petty cash fund.
The ensuing stack is far-ranging, but touches on:

  • Some peoples’ desire to make Kitchen self-sufficient, thus eliminating the need for a budget from Accounting or the GA.
  • Kyle’s desire to only feed those who work for the movement.
  • Jason’s desire to eliminate catering.

Ultimately we consense to delve into the budget in detail on Thursday since we’re running out of time tonight.
Marlisa suggests we agree just on a $5,000 budget tonight and flesh out the details Thursday, but a temperature check on that fails.

Kyle has an inter-Occupy national/international phone call coming up, talk to him if you want to be part of that.

Faith will be giving out MetroCards on Tuesday. She has 10 and you need to let her know right now if you want one. She has 10 of them.

Jason wants to know if he should send the immediately-useful food at SIS to Liberty Cafe, but he is instead tasked with first doing an inventory of what we have at SIS.

Marlisa is leaving New York for personal reasons, but thanks everyone for all their help over the past few months.

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