Kitchen meeting minutes for 12/29

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Will (facilitating)
Joshua (minutes)
Jason D.
Chris O.

Agenda items:
New Year eve
Future cooking sites
Special dietary needs
Money for food/ for security
Office needs minutes for security with code people
Office access people

*Agenda item # 1 Minutes (Redux) for the office affinity group. So key code holders can get they’re respective “key codes”. Proposal passed: Key holders are: Jordan Amos Brooks,and Faith Blackshear. Office point people: Joshua LaTour, Kyle Cobey.

Discussion about Office guidelines and office access.

*Agenda item #2 (Eric) Asking for help to prepare for New Year’s blowing up balloons. Hauling groceries around etc. towards the Lib. Park.

60 Wall st. ? Will they be open? Benedict probably will cook or organize cookers.

Discussion about getting a table for serving at Liberty Sq. Question arises about where to store it. Suggestions arise, Sis or Office. Can we store at the office. Sis closes at 9. Could possibly get into Sis later if ask for permission. Two people will look into both these options.

Agenda item#3 (Rafael) Food allocation for security group.
Generally are a mobile group, aren’t getting a chance to eat. They go to Jersey, Queens, Harlem etc. After Accounting’s proposal passed, they now are coming to us to get $400 a week.

Concerns: Accountability, How do we know everyone will get fed in the group. A Track record of sorts.
Rafael says they have missed a dime on receipts.

–For 10 people in the group $400 isn’t enough for the week. About 5 dollars per person per day.

Question: Does Sam need something in writing for this proposal? Yes, we do. Ice will be the proposer for Rafael. We can decide on this issue tonight because the proposal is below $500 a week.

Question; This is setting a precedent for other WGs to come and ask us for $, Should we make an exception for Security, because they’re more mobile?

We can take each issue case by case, folks will have to come and make a proposal.

Friendly Amendment; Maybe make brown bag items instead to be more economical.

Response: Will try that if Security group gets larger. Doesn’t know where folks will be, so it will be hard to implement. Locations and needs are sporadic.

Maybe can communicate to us when they know of concrete events.

Unable to get food in the at the kitchen lines, because are sometimes working in deescalating.

Ice will submit the written proposal, so this can be decided tonight.

Proposal passed.

Jason D. will dig into archives to see what the consensus was about buying factory foods.

*Agenda item #4 ( Eric) Esco is gone and Sam is busy. So we need to get someone else to be point person for signing so folks can get cards. A second person is needed to sign. Chris will notify Jeff when we decide who the other person is. Joshua refuses the nomination to be this person. Faith accepts this courageous duty. Discussion….

Faith is passed as second Metrocard signee.

* Agenda item #5 (Katrina) If people with restricted diets can come to kitchen for their needs, instead of going thru, the now dysfunctional Restricted Diets WG.

List of Restricted Diets described by Katrina: Gluten-free,
The “warming diet”: no dairy, raw, cold, processed, or artificial foods.
No corn, or corn based product.

Some problems with Restricted Diet WG (RDWG), muffed up the receipts, bought scotch etc, etc.
Question? What is a WG, according to Accounting?
Quest? How many people are in this group? 4 Can we make 4 separate dishes, and then they come find us?

For RDWG, they asked for doctor’s notes to verify respective needs.

According to Katrina, one member has been kicked out of the office for getting violent with Accounting. This member also refuses to keep minutes, or work with other requirements for their WG.

Katrina offers to coordinate with chefs to get specific needs met.
Joshua proposes as friendly amendment that she does the necessary steps to make this happen. Make the needed phone calls and goes to off site Kitchen meeting with Sam, and the cooks to follow through. This then, can keep us from being culpable if something goes wrong.

Proposal passed as a trial run.

*Announcement : Ice reporting back from 702. They’re point people have been continually changing there. They had 20 people there. Having problems with h2o purification issues. Electricity is limited.

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