Kitchen meeting minutes for 12/27

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Max (facilitating)

*Individual Servings (Agenda item #1 Bonnie):
Problem with how food was served during X-mas, not being served in individual servings. P
Proposal; to serve food individually at 60 Wall and other places. Because it helps with flow, and allows us to go into Z. Park.

Response: To much cost, and labor to do so.

*New Year’s Eve (Agenda item #2 Eric):
Asking for money for New Year’s. Releasing 99 balloons. Asking 700$ for food request. Flyers being printed. 100 being spent on hot and cold drinks., 100 spent on snacks, chips etc. ; 400 being spent for pizzas; 400 being spent for salads and breadsticks.
Discussion about the logistics of this event.
Side note: DA will have a separate proposal related to international solidarity with prisoners.
Concerns: Eric wants to go with budgetary concerns. Receipt concern… something happened in the past that brought up peoples concern about giving money to someone who hasn’t handled money transparently. Discussion about out policy how to handle being

Friendly amendment: Second point person.
Friendly amendment: No alcoholic beverages. All money accounted for.

Response: New Year’s budget passed

*Serving food this week ( Agenda item #3 Sam):
60 Wall closed WED. THUR. and SUN. What to do for these days. Back up plan needs to be devised, and for other times this happens.

Thurs. 29th Un-settling Occupation needs food for their event.
Zuccotti park. Is the main suggestion if both Z. park and Char.s place.
Suggestion: Find pt. ppl for food delivery when it arrives for dinner, if not enough ppl at the park to eat it all. To take it to another other locations if need be.
#2 Make food simple to grab and go something like hotdogs or falafels
#3 Buffet style
#4 Serve ppl the produce we get.
#5 By bags or trays to serve as prepackaged
#6 Take stuff to churches directly if ppl. Aren’t there
#7 Have all sufficient supplies to serve to Trinity church fountain. ( Buy serving utensils, trays, etc)
about $100 for trays and metrocards to deal with Logistical issues that may arrive.

*D29 (Agenda item#4 Sam)Un-setttling Occupation event
DA teach-in. Asking 300$ for 300 ppl. We can bring our food that is supposed to cook for 60 Wall. They will prepare some food that they will buy
Proposal: Passed

*702 (Agenda item#5 Ice)
Confusion about the status there. It’s there own lack of organization. Still owes kitchen 73$
Ice will be money pt person for 702
Proposal passed

*Accounting Proposal that was passed about WGs not having food budget for themselves
Their amount spent was larger than what kitchen weekly budget is.
Everyone should be on the same page about what we’ll tell WGs that come to us. Everyone can come eat the same spot.
Focus to keep this proposal as is, and wait to see what happens, in case we need to modify it.

Benedict says there’s a gleaning tomorrow at Red Hook Community Farms talk to him. 10:30am

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