Kitchen meeting minutes for 12/22

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Joshua facilitating, Will taking minutes.

Labor Outreach Committee – Alex
Group meets Friday at 6-9pm at 125 Barclay St., ~40 people.
Group feels a bit isolated from the rest of the movement, she thinks it would be nice if Kitchen could feed them at those weekly meetings.
Jason: It would be easier to meet the food at Liberty Cafe or 60 Wall rather than Kitchen delivering to.
Joshua: Not good to have them send their own vehicle to Liberty Cafe, waste of gas.
Will: Why don’t we just commit to driving it over to them after 60 Wall (and before 56 Walker)? Jason: No drivers here at meeting, shouldn’t commit them to something they can’t comment on.
Samantha: It’s a slippery slope, lots of other locales want food delivered to them, too.
Proposal amended so Labor will come to 60 Wall to pick up the food. Ice is point person.
Consensus, approved.Renting storefront – Esco
Esco saw a storefront nearby that’s $10,000 down, $5,000/month. Would people be interested in spinning Kitchen off into its own, self-sufficient non-profit?
Spun off into a affinity group.

Prayer vigil
24-hour vigil in Liberty Square on the 25th.
Went to GA to get $7,000 funding approved, unable to come to consensus due to time constraints.
Found a space to cook through Benedict.
Now requesting $500 to buy groceries that can be cooked and served at 3pm on the 25th.
Jason: How many people? Catherine: Aiming for 300 people.
Sam: Concerned about the experience of the volunteers cooking. Is there a backup fund? Catherine: Asking for $2,000 from GA.
Sam: I don’t think $500 is realistic, would like to give more but thinks they’ll need GA backing.
Johnny: Have you spoken to chef Eric yet? Catherine: Not yet, but going to ask him.
Leticia: I’ll bring some food at the same time.
Bonnie: How many were served on Thanksgiving? Sam: 2,000 in the park and ~1,000 elsewhere.
Bonnie: 300 seems way too small.
Jason: You should aim for way more people.
General back-and-forth on whether or not that’s enough people.
Joshua: Food is not the focus of this event, so we shouldn’t worry too much about the food.
Sam: I’d like to amend an extra $300 (the amount Benedict and Marlisa would have otherwise spent that day) to the vigil, plus an extra $200 to Leticia’s cooking for the day.
Consensus on amended proposal: $800 to vigil, $200 to Leticia.

Buying a Kitchen computer – Samantha
Used Mac laptop for use by Joshua keeping track of finance.
Would belong to Kitchen, if Joshua leaves the group he’d have the option to buy.
Marlisa: I have an old Mac laptop, it just needs a hard drive.
Will knows how to fix Macs and has the necessary hard drive. Proposal amended to try fixing Marlisa’s laptop first if time permits, if that fails then we go ahead and buy used Mac.
Amended, consensus, proposal approved.

Joshua and Will switch roles to minute-taking and facilitating, respectively.

86th St. SPSA christmas food approval  from Jade Studios via e-mail
Group guesses this would cost about $1,000.
Ice and Jason looking for who at 86th that could be available to help, because we don’t know who this is that is proposing.
Cost and amount seems way too high. Plus, point of information: Kitchen agreed to not buy factory farm meat.
An offer is made that the folks involved can get a lot of produce from Marlisa.
Request is way too late. Logistical problem about getting in kind donation to the individual who.
Discussion happens about this not being a proper proposal, and not even being able to vote.  Person did not show up to present it, and there were several questions that were needed answered. The proposal was unclear about who would actually be helping.
Jason wants to offer his own proposal about how to feed folk at 86th, but backs out.
Proposal doesn’t meet GA’s requirements for a Kitchen proposal, thus cannot be voted on. Discussion ended.


Johnny wants to buy a crock pot and toaster oven for office.

Joshua discusses going to Hunts Point, Bronx to get free produce with an non-profit number.  Also, sending scouts to restaurants to recover waste.  Breakout group develops.

Jason discusses the Woodstock farm and their food needs.   The discussion also comes to longer term relationship with them.   Breakout group develops.

S.I.S. discussion about organizing kitchen section.

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