Kitchen meeting minutes for 12/13

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Luis Moreno Caballud from Making Worlds: An OWS Forum on the Commons. Three day forum on the commons, Feb 16-18. Here to inform kitchen about the event and invite anyone involved with kitchen to participate in the event by describing how food can take on the role of a commons.

Samantha – Passed out copies of the weekly budget. Figures that are approved by finance will be permanent but allocation can be different. Also discussed the kitchen proposal form which is available online. Kitchen will also be involved in visiting different working groups and describing the process for access food for their events.

Come to next meeting to determine the new office point person.

Johnny involved in food distribution. Requesting funds for breakfast, lunch 7day a week.   Budget approved for $500/day for breakfast and lunch M-F – and $150/day for Sat/Sun brunch. Leftover money will be available for Jetro and catering.

Samantha presented the van proposal – the family that loaned us the van now needs to sell it. We voted to repair the van $520 worth of damage incurred by us.

Beau – D17 Proposal. $500 dollars to support granola, bananas, and water for the reoccupation. Proposal passed.

Justin – loans us his car for food transport. It was towed. We are loaning him the money that will support his parking ticket. This is a one time deal.

Bob – Breakout group to set up a com com for organizational structure. This break out group will meet at Cafe Tomato at Fulton and Broadway @ 7pm. Point of Information – We have a google doc for directory and a google doc for schedules.

Catherine from Occupy Dignity brought forth Occupy DIgnity’s Christmas meal proposal. Breakout group formed with Catherine, Beau, Joshua and Samantha.

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