Kitchen meeting minutes for 12/11

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In attendance

Max (facilitating)

Samantha aka Sam


Jonathan & Ivan





Uncle Bob

Pat O’Connor





Will M (taking these notes)




“How to get involved” intro

Go to Liberty Cafe M-F 2-5pm @ 275 Liberty Brooklyn

Pat says he knows how non-profits can get new, quality kitchen equipment donated

Max brings us back… talk to Johnny about volunteering, that’s the group’s biggest need.

If you want to help find cooking space, talk to Johnny or Joshua.

Joshua thinks we don’t have enough volunteers to utilize new space, thus volunteering is a priority over finding new space.

Johnny points out we’re spending a lot of money on food, so we could use more donations. Talk to Johnny or Joshua about that.

Bob observes we need vehicles to help move food around.

Leeroy is going to talk to Whole Foods about getting food donated.

Deutsch Bank security came in, asked Jonathan to not sit on the floor. Jonathan didn’t want to get up, argued, eventually got up but he and security kept arguing, eventually security kicked him out.

“How many meals are we making?” Joshua: Delivering daily to 60 Wall, also to Spokes M, T & F. Tried to deliver to Zuccotti but it’s cold, less sanitary, security problematic.



Michael: Emergency proposal to feed people so they stop getting

Joshua: Buy a van. Sort out who has SIS access.

Marsha: Labeling food.

Joshua: Help serve food to Dec. 12 church meeting at 6th & Canal.

Will M: Coffee budget.

Samantha: Catering for breakfast and lunch from Dec. 13 to Jan. 9.


Moving Tue. & Fri. meetings to OWS office? – Max

Concern about photo ID’s: sometimes they don’t allow folks in without IDone Max says sometimes we’ve been able to work around that.

Approved as a trial.



Will brings coffee to accompany dinner most week days, but since the eviction he’s had to start buying milk, sugar, cups and stirrers himself. This is expensive for one person ($20/day), so he’d like to get a budget to help cover it.

Joshua has some concern about what part of the budget it’ll come out of.

Proposal passed, Will will discuss further with Joshua to work out that budget detail.


SIS point person

Bob: Too many people getting stuff form SIS, we need a list.

Johnny: We should have our own person in SIS, having trouble with folks there being distrustful.

Sam: Let’s invite Cory of SIS to our next meeting.

Joshua: Maybe SIS should coordinate with Kitchen’s “office” shift person re: who should be allowed in?

Sam will talk to SIS about allowing Johnny in there and working out a long-term solution.

Johnny recommends Jason as SIS coordinator/dispatcher/whatever

Discussion shelved for Tuesday’s meeting when Cory will be there.



Marsha would like a note attached to each dish listing the ingredients, volunteers to make that happen.

Bob suggests those labels also include the food’s destination, Marsha volunteers to do that as well.

Joshua says he’ll buy labels and Johnny will get them out there.

Responsibility reassigned and consolidated back to Marsha.



Dec. 12th Church Meeting

Proposal e-mailed in by Kyle on behalf of Direct Action.

Direct Action is hosting a town hall meeting at 6th and Canal to invite the local community board and make the argument to occupy that park from Trinity Church.

They want $100 for fruit, cheese and other small snacks to entertain the board.

Concerns because Direct Action knew about this for weeks and only contacted us today (the day before the event), and it doesn’t follow the new rules for Kitchen proposals that received consensus at last night’s GA.

Sam took some time to explain the new rules for kitchen proposals.

Bob complains that it’s for snacks, not for dinner; Marsha complains it’s not to feed Occupiers.

Proposal rejected, polite refusal will be sent to Kyle by Joshua.


Michael’s emergency proposal

Wants there to be set times where food should be appearing and when, and a contingency plan where a point person steps in to do PB&J’s for those there.

Sam shows Michael the budget, which enumerates what meals are served at what locales. Only one missed was Park Slope for $440/week because they didn’t propose via the new rules, waiting for updated proposal from them.

Shifting conversation to dealing just with Park Slope. Michael taking over the rejected proposal and restating in person per new rules.

Bob: Would we need to ask GA for more money? Sam: No, we can take from our previously-approved budget.

Rudy: Can we check if anyone has dietary restrictions and cater to those? Michael: I’ll do a survey.



Buying a van – Johnny

Johnny: What’s the issue with buying a van? Sam: OWS isn’t a legal entity, can’t buy anything. Anything bought would have to be owned by an individual. We have to check any purchase like that with Finance because of potential legal problems.

Agenda item shelved.


Catering breakfast and lunch 12/13 – 1/9 – Sam

There won’t be enough volunteers during holiday to do 3 meals a day, proposing we cater breakfast and lunch and then make dinner ourselves (as we do now).

Catering would provide 500 meals/day.

No new money needed, this would instead reallocate $1050 from petty cash, $600 from Letisha on Sat. & Sun., $500 from Johnny’s M-F lunch money, $1500 from 56 Walker rent and food budget.

Johnny wants a chance to do his $500 lunch program since it’s not up and running yet.

Leeroy clarifies that the issue is that we’ll be losing volunteers temporarily during the holiday while need will be unchanged, hence the need to bring in catering.

Proposal isn’t up for vote now, just discussion. Vote will be at next meeting on Tuesday.


That’s all, folks! We’re done.

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