Kitchen meeting minutes for 1/19

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Chris B.

Eric Arts and culture

Chris O.

Will (notes)








Max (facilitating)




Agenda items

Farm to kitchen Solidarity proposal ( Thomas)

Reusable plates proposal (Thomas)

Hot drinks  for actions on 20th and 21st  (Lily)

Communications and Actions (Ice)

Breakfast ( Bless)

Curveball ( Eric

Volunteering ( Chris B.)

Occupy town squares (max)

kitchen structure proposal (Max)

Wants to be a pt person for W. Park  to 86th ,  and receive food staple to be able to cook there. Dan (From 86th)

Report-back for kitchen break out group

4th st. coop




Breakfast at 86th St. church byDan

(Emergency proposal because he’s being kicked out by the police.)

Thomas decides to go to 86th to look at the logistics to determine the amount of servings.  Request was made for 50 ppl. for breakfast and dinner.

Budget set to a $150 cap, Thomas as the kitchen sponsor. Proposal only covers until Sunday.

Consensus, passed.


Occupy Farms by Thomas

Budget for transportation and other miscellaneous expenditures.  $400 for one month.

Sage:  Can they up the money, according to there own needs just in case kitchen breaks up and becomes more decentralized.

Max: Decentralization should change how much it costs to transport, it’s still just going to one kitchen.

Max: How often will you bring food  into the city?

Joshua: We need receipts weekly, so a monthly budget doesn’t work.

Ice: Maybe we can if we do a Visa card?

Christina of Accounting: It is possible.

Consensus! Approved.


Reusable plates by Thomas

Thomas: 20 sets of plates, cups and silverware for up to $150.

Chris B: Problem with theft, what’s to keep people from stealing them?

Thomas: People are intended to take them home, then bring them back. It’s an experiment.

Sage: “Centralization is asking for a beating.” The money belongs to OWS. Wants people to be able to ask for plates, etc. and keep it rather than being assigned one.

Max: We could even provide a way to wash them at meals.

Kyle: I proposed something like this before the raid, talk to me since I worked out some of the logistics previously.

Chris O: How to we measure this proposal’s success?

Max: Let’s have a breakout group work out the details, and just approve the idea.

Vevlyn: Can I amend this so if it doesn’t work out, we use eco-friendly disposables?

Will and Kyle: Concerned that we don’t have $ numbers on that amendment. (Amendment tabled until we cross that bridge.)



Hot drinks for 1/20 and 1/21 actions by Lily

Lily: It’s going to be cold and snowing these actions! Hot chocolate and tea for 500 at Foley Sq. and City Hall Park, respectively.

Ice: Who will be point?

Chris O: I will! My mom is doing this.

Will: 5gal insulated containers are $150 (expensive).

Max: Would we reuse these containers?

Ice: Yes.

Max: How much money should we allocate to this?

Rep from tea group: We can move 15gal of drink.

Lily gets sent over to talk to them, will come back with what she still needs.


Breakfast by Bless

Bless: I want to serve breakfast to OWS!

Sage wants to serve electrolyte water.

Dylan, Chris B and Sage volunteer to help.

Joshua: We’ve had problems in the past with people serving breakfast, they keep falling through.

Chris B: Would really like to have vitamins included with breakfast.

Ice will work with Bless, Chris, Dylan, and Sage for breakfast.


Occupy Town Square by Max

Max: Jan. 29th, 11-5pm in Washington Sq. Park, then in other places. Would like food for up to 200, PB&J and hummus sandwiches would help.

Josh and Ice volunteer to be point and help.


Personal food reimbursement by Sage

Sage: I have $21 in receipts.

Christina: Finance will cover $14 of this.

Proposal is now for $7 and change.

Consensus, Sage will be reimbursed the $7+change by Kitchen.


Church food reimbursement by Max

Max: I have $30 of receipts from plates, utensils and so on for churches.

Consensus, Max will be reimbursed by Kitchen.


Budget by Ice

Christina from Accounting: We didn’t have any problems with account reconciliation this week.



Buying me a new phone by Ice

Ice: My phone broke, I’d like $330 for a Samsung Galaxy S II. Plan is $70/mo with T-Mobile.

Will: That’s a really expensive phone, that’s a top-of-the-line Android phone.

Ice: I want to be able to do livestreams with the phone.

Breakout with Will and Ice to find a solution to the phone issue.


Budget release by Joshua

Need to release some of the $5,500 allowed us by GA but not in budget in order to cover these actions we’re approving.

Consensus, approved.


Hot lunches in the park by Eric

Eric: $300 x 5 lunches in the park ($1500/week)

Joshua: Can you take a Visa card so we don’t need receipts?

Eric and Christina: Yes.

Vevlyn: Not enough time to finish this discussion, can we table?

(Moving the meeting outside because 60 Wall is closing.)

This price is for catered food, hence high cost.

Chris O (and others): Concerned over the high cost.

Eric: Could you approve a lower $ amount and I can do what I can with that?

Vevlyn: We need to know who the food is coming from, and if it’s sustainable, organic, etc.

Eric is reluctant to identify the vendor publicly (but will do so one-on-one if you ask) and doubts it’s sustainable.

Will: Sustainability, while good, is not a standard we’ve consensed upon.

Group consenses upon $600/week for 100 people.


Hot drinks for 1/20 and 1/21 actions (resumed)

Tea WG is back and can transport only 5gal liquid hot. The other 10gal of transport mentioned earlier is uninsulated and thus not useful.

Proposal modified to $550 for 250ppl each day.  Includes buying supplies like two Cambro insulated containers for transportation, coffee and other ingredients. Chris O. steps up to be point person for this, and to work with Tea WG and Lily.


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