Kitchen meeting minutes for 1/12

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THOMAS (facilitating)

ERIC from Arts & culture (312-890-2547)











Josh says: Vegan food group, would like to cook a meal, considering affinity status, discussed having a food truck, use truck to serve food at events, easiest way for them to plug in would be to feed event, “Meatless Mondays”. Would need to coordinate with kitchen but don’t want to clash with us in serving times.

Lots of connections, Andy Stepanin with The Sparrow Project, Justin Wedes, PETA connections, Eddy Garza, Simone Reyes w/ Russel Simmons affiliation. Coordinate meetings possibly? Kyle, Danya, Josh attended meeting. Mission Statement is to feed movement and relate info to public on food justice issues.


Lenny Charles of 56 Walker. Want to work with us, mentioned Kitchen affinity group. Perhaps we or vegan group mentioned above can use the space to cook. Possibly lunches with vegan group and/or dinner one or two nights a week.


Vevelyn: Can we use Trinity Lutheren Church at sunset park to cook?


Josh: Kitchen in Harlem?


Chris: 56 Walker as agenda?


Announcements tabled


Eric Arts &Culture proposal:  ( occupy curveball proposal/ culture fair)

We need to occupy the park.  Critical way for people to find us. Need to make it fun, and political educational.  Yoga, musicians etc. cultural center. The goal would be to inspire the movement, the strategy is  be there from 12 to 2.  Imagine a Renaissance festival, but instead without camping were doing politcal games, theatre, music, sign making. Make the park to fun, and offering messaging.

Food is critical, If artists are there then, people will be likely to stick around when food is there.

This Sat, would love to have lunch, starting 11:30, 11;45 whatever is practical.  Yoko Ono plans to come and do an show.

Answer:  Letetia serves brunches on weekends. Can we fold this into this event.

Two questions, One doesn’t need to be solved by this Saturday, as far as serving in the park continually.  The second one has to do w/ this Saturday’s event, with Yoko.

Chris: wonders if 56 Walker can be incorporated in the future

Joshua: We should separate these into two proposals.

Ice: we need numbers; even guesstimations.

Eric: just start serving what we’ve been doing.

Ice who are the “we” in this proposal etc…..

Eric  Likes to think us being in the park doing things, continually.  Plus serving in the park.

Lee Roy:  We’ve been at 60, and this has been our procedure.  She thinks we can serve food, but this may interfere with us in how we serve. We had a meeting to decide where we were serving.

Ice: we can’t do everything, so we have to decide what are our plan

Chris: How many people, or groups have been approached for Saturday?

Eric:  occupy yoga folk, plan to come from 12:00 to 2.  Guitarists are coming. Yoko ofcourse.

Dayna:  Concern about it being family oriented vs. serving food as being an arrestable offence.

Eric:  Political, religious, and artist free speech are hard for the police to deal with. So he thinks to set it up this way, and have the lawyers come to deal with them.  Sort of like what occupy Dignity did for Xmas.

Lee Roy: would like to see him more prepared for the next, longer term proposal. So just for this Saturday.

Ice:  Yes we can serve to the park, but Eric will need to provide the footwork to get the food there, and have helpers with whatever else we need.

Chris:  We do have the authority to decide where we’ll serve.

Lee Roy:  He needs volunteers for transportation, 4 to 6ppl.  Have a contingency plan, and find out the legal question.  Is it legal to serve in the park, because of political, religious, and artistic.

Vevlyn; Can we not just serve on the sidewalk if were asked to move.  Answer Yes.

Joshua:  Does contingency plan include weather conditions,  Answer: looks dry,

We also decided already to get a table to and serve near the park

Ice:  He needs servers.

Al:  Personal experience in the park, if the security are busy then they don’t care. If They’re looking for something to do then they can make it a big deal.  Food was served in the park, but then tea was disallowed.

Chris;  can we see if can get the table to help him out.  Whoevers on that should do it.

Who is the sponsor for this?  Chris will do this until noon.  Ice will get the table and do the shopping, and cooking with letetia, and store the table at Elderidge place.

Friendly amendments:  We need the report-back tomorrow about the legal issue.

: Let’s see how this goes Saturday, and meet back Sun to talk about the future.

:  Should we also put this on the website to inform folks about lunch Sat.

chris will work with comhub


Best Practices and food safety  (Lee Roy):  Talk about nutrition, They discussed serving food without gloves and the problems.

Thomas: point of info:  He still has the document that we had worked on about kitchen guidelines, and other info.  Can email it to Lee Roy.

Lee Roy also has an idea about bringing someone in for a teach-in about food safety, and kitchen info.

Chris: has food handlers stuff.

Lee Roy; have a whiteboard, and start educational things for peop;e

Chris: If Nutritious food has a scheduled time, he can bring necessary info.

The glove issue is that we aren’t always prepared, so if they could be the ones to help find the solution.

Can they be the point ppl for getting the sign etc, even though signs may not be allowed in 60 wall.


Vevlyn: Best practices, isn’t about the nutritious working group. She will email what nutrition discussed. She is bullish about serving utensils…. Food serving appearance not good guys.


Ice:  There were supposed to be point ppl for each meal.    We need people to step up.

Vevlyn send this request out on the email list.


Chris: someone should have petty budget to go get stuff we need.


The meeting ends abruptly because we’re asked to leave

60 Wall st.

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