Kitchen meeting minutes for 1/10

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Lee roy








Joshua (minutes)



Will (facilitating)




Open  space event ( Alejandro)

proposals report back

Zucotti park (Kyle)

Metro cards pt person (chris)



Open  space event by Alejandro

Alejandro: open space  an event that folks can come and discuss their own topics. This is an outreach project that can be open for newcomers that would like to get involved. Friends and families, and curious folks that are interested. Hoping this can grow further.

Event is 6 to 10, Friday the 13th. Transportation can be available.

Lee Roy: Asking that someone from his group can come on their honor to help with kitchen.

Ethan: what is the nature of the event?

Answer: conversations get broken up, and displayed on the wall as gallery pieces

Ethan:  Food shouldn’t be a problem, just a few extra

Friendly amendment: this is a one time thing, and if they would like to have this more often, then to come and to report back and to re propose this event


2nd report-back on proposal criteria breakout group by Joshua

There were some edits requested after the 1st report-back last meeting.

(Re-iterates the criteria the breakout came up with.)

Edits requested last time:

  • Adjust cutoff for proposal events needing 2 (vs. 1) weeks of advance proposal from 500 meals to 300.
  • Define “emergencies”.


Max: Facilitation’s definition of an emergency proposal: “A proposal which has a deadline which could not have been forseen, for example jail support.” The group seems to like this definition.

Kyle: Maybe we should have some action point people?

Ice: Anyone in Kitchen should be able to bring in proposals.

Ethan is concerned that we shouldn’t be giving groups money to feed their actions, just food.

Concern about the Kitchen financial point person assigning someone to go shopping with the action’s point person, some think it seems to authoritative. Group agrees to adjust that language to “…the Kitchen WG will make arrangements for somebody to go shopping…” That way it’s the group (rather than a financial point person) determining who does it.

Proposal criteria (plus those three edits) passed.


Feeding Zuccotti Park by Kyle

Feeding the park, each night, every time or as long as we can.


Jason:  yeah, what he wanted for awhile

Ethan:  Park security said to enjoy food tonight, but could be problems in the future

Kyle: inclement weather = then at 60 Wall.

Chris: There is no written rule, the whole reason they took to barricades down was because they said the law was one way, but in reality it wasn’t. If we were nuns, the police would never stop us. Thinks we should serve in the park regardless of Brookfield.

Max disagrees with making food an action, he believes that has no narrative. Also interested in serving at both

Jason: “Fuck the NYPD. Let’s feed in our park.”

Thomas and Jordan think we should serve in the park.

Ethan: “If we were nuns, we would be a lot more prepared.”

Adam:  If cops say, one plate one person,  maybe have art & culture make giant plates, because theres no definition about what size a plate may be.

Jason: “make our kitchen more mobile, and have little shopping carts brought. This can bring in more donations too.

Chris:  Take two or three trays of food in, see what happens, by volunteers who may be willing to get  into conflict, and serve only on GA nights then60 wall with the rest. Other nights we can serve at

Ethan: Friendly amendment:  Serve the food in the parameter.

Letetia:  If we serve, outside the park then have a table, For cleanliness, and Sanitation.

Joshua: Friendly amendment:  Buy a table, and lock. Keep it locked nearby, and serve in the perimiter of the park, unless inclement weather.

Consensus, passed.


MetroCard signer by Chris

Sam left kitchen, we need a 2nd signer for MetroCards to complement Faith.

Chris volunteers.



Proposal by Max

Max: If you arrive in the middle of an agenda you audit that agenda item.



Proposal by Max

Max: This group should meet in two sections. Create long-term budget allocations. This is not splitting kitchen up. Meeting once as greater group less often. Also Kitchen night out together. This is aimed at letting groups decide things according to their specific needs without involving others that are unnecessarily involved.

Ethan thinks kitchen shouldn’t be divided by actions and meals

Jason doesn’t want to see money for regular meals eroded in favor of action budgets.

Max: Only talking about splitting meetings, Logistically

in response to Ethan agendas are divided between actions and meals.

Lee Roy still come together once a week, so there will be full disclosure.

Thomas;  As someone that’s been here for awhile seen kitchen morph, this is some down time for us to structure, which isn’t

Kyle:   Still wants to feed

Ice: “We need to wean ourselves off the tit of GA.” One group wont decide for the other, and meetings will

Ethan: think about resources of what we can do

Will: If we split meetings into two, how would the actions group have food allocated from the meals group.

Max: When it’s feasible, to get food to actions generally that’

Max: Friendly amendment; not start this immediately. Give this a week. So others to

Jason:  Who’s the decider of the money when it conflicts with the interests of the other

Max:  There will still be meetings by the whole group.


Dennis from Sunset Park

Action on Monday for MLKjr day.

Asked us for some money, there a kitchen there to help feed, it’s being offered to us to use.

Amount 150 people.  Around $400  Ice will be the point on that. If we get consensus, then we need to find the cooks for that. Chris, Thomas and Letetia want to cook.



Raphael from Deescalation

Came in with all their receipts, on time, fit in with Accounting groups requirements

$400 = amount. They’re scattered usually, unable to be fed.

Jason: Didn’t we consense to only give food, not cash? Max: No, just to try to.

Joshua: can we hand them visa cards to buy what they need?

Raphael yes, 4  $100

proposal passed


Jordan’s Night food Proposal

$280 per week for water for meals, coffee and snacks at night, going to Zuccotti, GA & spokes.

Joshua: Can he take a visa card instead of cash? No, street vendors don’t take credit.

Faith: Can we find one vendor that gives us the required stuff for Accounting. This will be like the vendor project. Buy in advance. No, too restrictive.

Proposal passed.


Ethan: We’re too fractured, need to be better organized. 

Tabled, meeting is running too long.


Chris: buy Letitia, a recurring metrocard.

Buy Letetia a different phone, that gives her unlimited talk, and find a better plan and phone that would be a reoccurring cost.

Should be no more than $40 a month (plus tax) plan. And the phone no more than $60+tax.


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