Kitchen meeting minutes 2/9

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Will (facilitator)

Joshua (minutes)




Bill B


Max II





E ny kitchen

Occupy town sq


breakfast budget

Receipt spreadsheet



Occupy town Sq.  ( karim & Max)


Logistics…  discussion about delivery, and cooking.

Cooking at downtown bk spot.  A need for a vehicle.    Event time 1pm to 7pm. Letetia plans to serve lunch there.  Dinner is planned.


Jordan wants a kitchen member to drive.



E NY (Joshua) Kitchen gave $200 GC to Rafael at ENY as gesture. Accounting now says we can’t give GCs. Christine to talk to Accounting about what to do. Says a lot of people who deserve something aren’t getting anything from the movement. Why is Rafael an exception? We may owe Acct the $200, may need to put a pot together to raise the money.

Bill: We’re not taking the card back or taking his receipts. We’ll figure out a way to make it OK.

Karim: Proposes we tighten our belts for two weeks, save $100 each week to reimburse for card.

Joshua: Would not work because we need to provide receipts for all money we take. We would be $100 short.

Will: Did someone from Accounting say we could do this?

Joshua: Yes. Kelly said as long as we have a receipt. Joshua thought receipt for card. Kelly may have meant receipts for what is bought with the card.

Bless: Which Rafael?

Joshua: Kitchen General Manager at ENY. Back in December, we agreed to reimburse ENY for utilities and maintenance. Util have come to $2116.15, maintenance: $2100. Total $4216.15. Since October. Will take money out of our weekly budget to pay them back.

Bless: We have $7000 in our budget this week. Can we just give the balance to ENY right now?

Joshua: Thinks we shouldn’t spread ourselves too thin. We do have some room to pay it out. ENY’s OK with that. They will give us copies of numbers compared to what they spent this time last year without us. Rafael to prepare.

Will: Do we need to figure out payment schedule? No financial point person here right now. What kind of time line would they like?

Joshua: As soon as we can.

Bill: They didn’t ask for this, we offered it. So it’s not really “due”.

Will: How about a bit over $1000 per week for four weeks?

Joshua: How’s $1405 per week for three weeks?

Will: Have we had a surplus?

Joshua: Every week.

Will: What’s our smallest surplus?

Joshua: About $1000. We usually only spent about $5000, but we’ve had proposals and paybacks the past few weeks.

Will: What is the status of the GA fund?

Dylan: Info coming Monday. Thinks about $200,000

Consensus: $1405 per week for three weeks


Breakfast budget ( Bless, Dylan,


Taking far too long for breakfast to be served on weekdays.  Ice has a budget for the kitchen.

Proposing that Ice give up budget to the pt. People for breakfast Bless and Dylan.

Bless: We could get private storage instead of SIS for $1

Ice: Met with SIS at their meeting. Can open SIS himself. We can now make coffee instead of buying. Once we know our storage space, we’ll know how much we spend daily, get a real budget and give it to Bless and Dylan daily.

Will: Why do we need to break it down?

Ice: What we have changes. So far, have needed to take things one day at a time. Wouldn’t order large amounts of food if we couldn’t store it and get access to that storage.

Eeo: Is breakfast usually served at 60 Wall?

Bless: Usually, but when food is uneaten, we have places to take it. Does not care how the money is spent but we need to be on time. To Ice: Do you have a key to SIS?

Ice: Tomorrow.

Faith: What time do you (Bless) get here?

Bless: 8.

Eeo: Now that Ice has access to SIS, can we take a few days to see how it goes?

Bless: We said at the last meeting that if SIS wasn’t there, we’d support ourselves. We can get storage for $1.

Will: There’s no agreement, its 10 PM, can we table until next meeting?



Ice: Eric from Curveball. We gave him $1600 budget. Wants to piggyback Vday action. Can he spend $70 of his budget on a lunch/snack at Washington Sq Park?



Receipts spreadsheet: (Dayna)




Jordan needs Gas


Gets money sporadically.  Needs a more consistent.

Proposal  reallocating $200 out of petty to give for Jordan


consensus on proposal




Joshua has $87 dollars from two events. Today at the Occupy the D.O.E.  We were given $45 w/ Drew and Devin as Witnesses.  The other amount was given to us at Occupy Town Sq.  ($42)


Option #1: give to GA

Option#2: keeping in our pockets and taking less from GA

Option#3:  Hold on to it to help fix errors in receipts,


Proposal:  Take the $87 for the flub with Raphael.  And appoint a pt. Person to talk to Accounting to discuss what to do with accumulating new funds.





Bless Report Back from the Spokes Council.


Spokes Council trying to create a system to make a budget that would eventually thaw the spending freeze.




Eeo Lawsuit against NYC


1week before any  last claim is allowed by the city to retrieve  any items for property damage.

Eeo has documents showing a number of items.

Eeo is putting her name on the claim, filing on behalf on someone else. She needs 6 witnesses that would be able to itemize what was there.


She will send an email to the kitchen, who can spread it to other kitchen members that were there to itemize our possessions.

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