Kitchen meeting minutes 2/7

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Max ( Facilitation)

Joshua (minutes)









Bill B







Announcement  NJ Newark just got a eviction notice today.



Agenda items


occupy farms

Request for Open spaces meeting

Request for food Feb 15,16,17 for the world forum

Food for Monsanto rally

Barbq for e Ny

Doe action 9th

Town sq. action 11th



Occupy farms: was a success for getting produce.  Planning for next trip.  Little over $100 spent



world Forum (Tatiana)


Thursday the 16th, Friday 17th, Saturday 18th

She needs someone to help coordinate, to shop, cook and deliver.

Jordan, and Chef Eric

How many ppl 80 per day ( Breakfast and lunch)







Open space: (Leo)


food for 75 to 100 ppl. Next friday the 10th.  Someone from Open spaces has offered his car two times per month for us.  Also Leo would like to know if Facilitation needs to keep returning to re-propose the event.


Will they be able to provide transportation for every other Fri?


Do they know for sure they’ll be having the Event every other Fri?



There’s no need for consensus on this since we don’t take any money out of budget


D.O.E. Action (Justin)


A meeting about school closings at Brooklyn Tech.  Occupy the DOE will attempt to shut it down, because the votes happen early in the morning after a night of speeches, and the votes have tended to continue the attempt to shut down meals.


200 meals for this event is asked for.


There are some high school students who want to volunteer.

He can provide transportation.


Can we do $200 allocated for this?





Monsanto announcement ( Eric)


Regarding a May 16th  action to raise awareness.



Bbq in E NY (Jordan)


People reaching out in support for VT house.

Saturday for Jordan, and Eric  want to be pt. Persons for this.  Will volunteers to be pt financial.




Town sq. (Max)


Has a kitchen, can we cook Saturday morn.  Event 1pm to 7pm

He can try to find transportation can he get volunteers?


Cooks:  Karim, Will,


Breakout group Thomas will help.


Would need to set out a donation bucket & sign.


Can we get Tea, Hot, &chocolate


$200 for Hot drinks a cap.

Breakout for this proposal






He’s part of the cooperative, at west park church.

Needs 49 dollars a week to cover his stay there.

Ows stopped paying the church for residents


Thomas: concern about being part of a cooperative, but not being there to work to pay for his stay, while working at the kitchen.

Jordan:  we have other locations that Karim can stay at.

Feels churches should offer this as a charity.

Max.  The church operates on shoe string budget.

Raphael:  Church opened open this space for us, didn’t have a boiler etc.

Jordan:  Sleeps in a place without utilities, doesn’t think we should be giving to them

raphael:  this a pilot program, to get ppl together to work for 8 weeks to maybe reach a spot that they can get a cooperative or their own.  T

James What do they get?

Raphael:  they get some hot meals,  will get showers shortly, plumbers are coming.

James:  $4000 Thinks can something else.

Raphael:  Hopefully,  after the group leaves and accumulates funds, another group can come and consistently reoccupy the building to continue the program.  Some money will go to the new place, and the church will reach out to the surrounding community to fundraise for this program.

The seven dollars will go towards maintenance, and some will go to the future location.


$49  consensus

Ethan decides to support Karim,


Ethan Schedule proposal:


working with Will to create a google doc. To make a monthly schedule.

Could liberty kitchen have weekly card to buy groceries?

Can we start a separate bank account?yes

Break out group.






Kitchen meeting part two


Agenda items


financial pt ppl.



Who wants to be a financial pt. Person?







Concerns:  Thomas had issues with the gift cards.

Letetia:  Why did they not do research about where to buy stuff, she had problems too.


Jordan: says he has a good working relationship with accounting, says they don’t have that with our current financial point people.  Has had problems getting, money…

Would like to work with Thomas and Ethan.

thomas:  been shadowing Ice and Joshua some, and know some of the logistical issues, and receipt issues:..


Ethan:  Has experience in professional kitchen activities, but is not available personally on some of the days of the week.  Would like to work with Thomas out of interest of rotation, with no disrespect.


Ice:  Working out the kinks, money has turned up missing time and time again, no money has gone missing on his watch.  One person was doing the receipts making decisions, not what GA has prescribed.  Would like to stay a little longer.



Josh: When he took on position kitchen was in disarray, no budget set after the raid. Making financial decision difficult, kitchen meetings in Dec. filled with chaos, couldn’t talk about money stuff easily. Made decisions without consensus, was worked out and made clear later. Haywood supported decisions to get money to churches, there were emergencies.  Money hasnt turned up missing over and over, only oncewhen guy took off with money. Sometimes outstanding receipts covered by petty cash. Paid for once we got receipts. Josh likes doing this job. Says its not so fun running around. Likes creating budget and feels he can help in this position.  He was instrumental in actually pushing to get us on a weekly budget.


James wants to know what other do for the kitchen.  Candidates describe their involvement.

Straw poll.


Thomas 6

Ethan 6

Ice 10

Joshua 6


tie  for Thomas Ethan and Joshua: (revote) : Ethan 5, Joshua and Thomas 4

Consensus for Ice and Ethan.


Brooklyn food co. proposal to GA


Metro cards.

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