Kitchen meeting minutes 2/27

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Kitchen Meeting 2/27

Will Facilitating
Dennis Flores
Bill B
Joshua (minutes)
Winnie (from sustainability)
Sara (from sustainability)

Internal Kitchen meeting


Dennis re proposal Sunset march
GA proposal about only feeding actions

Sunset Park (Dennis)

Beacon program runs two activities in Sunset Park one is being shut down the other is losing ¾ of their funding.  They would like help to organize and protest.  They don’t have experience in this, and are looking to us for help fight against officials in the Town Hall meeting.  They want to mobilize parents against them to put pressure on them to stop turning their backs on them.  Mar 16th or 17th will be the first date of the events,  and a week or two will be the next time.

$3500 had consensus last meeting for two different days.

Maura: has a concern about money running out.  Proposes using donated produce.
Dennis: asked not for money, but for food.  Would like to serve healthy food out of their own kitchen.
Ethan: given tomorrows proposal we may not have the amount available, we don’t know what will happen after then.

Proposal passed again.

GA proposal, monies will be used for actions ( see future proposal at for 2/28)

Maura:  proposes that we go to MRG to provide food for us.
Carlton:  GA doesn’t know what we do, we should let them know.
Nan: Ask MRG to get a kitchen for us
Ethan:  Ask the proposer what an action entails
Maura:  Tell the GA that Feeding is a Direct Action.  Funding should be spent for that
Will:  We’ve for a very long time never ever fully agreed to who were feeding.  Thinks we should take this moment as a catalyst to decide this.
Ice:  Were not a soup kitchen,  we should always be sending food to occupation work.  If you want a soup kitchen there are plenty of them around the city.
Letetia:  Feeding is a direct action.  When we were in the park that was a GA.
Bonnie: how many ppl think feeding is a DA?  We will need to say this to GA.
Eric:  Food in other DA’s tend to be sporadic,  here it’s steady
Ethan:  thinks we have enough of for consensus for to describe 60 wall st as a DA.
Joshua:  Not sure if it should be called a DA, ma
Maura:  We do need volunteers to show regularly for the month of March.
James:  Scheduling format was set in place.  Doing Outreach.
Carlton: came to volunteer his services, and cook.
Nan:  why haven’t, in all this time, have we created a schedule.
Bill:  we need a point chef, in addition to volunteers.
Will: we need people to weigh in on this tomorrow at the GA.
Joshua;  can someone write a Job description to send out to people for a point cook.

Group Discussion……….

plan is to go to GA to see what plays out.

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